Nigeria peace corps (PCN) recruitment process 2019 /2020 form- current news today

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Nigeria peace corps (PCN) recruitment process 2019 /2020 form- current news today

I assume you are here because you are searching for information that will be of valuable help to you in respect to the much anticipated Nigeria peace corps (PCN) recruitment process.

This article will give all details about the Nigerian Peace Corps, where to get the firm, how you can apply and the requirements you must beet.

Nigeria peace corps (PCN) Recruitment NCC 2019/2020

The peace corps Nigeria is a non governmental organization that aims at working with the youth with the view of harnessing and redirecting their productive energies towards the Socio-economic and Political advancement of the Nation.

The Nigeria Peace Corps has been in existence since 1998 and so far over 113,822 staff officers and 78,247 volunteer corp members have been registered across the 36 States of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Important information

There are certain things i will like you to know about the Nigeria peace corps recruitment exercise first I want you to know that at the time of writing this article the Nigeria peace Corp bill has not been passed, the Muhammadu Buhari administration refused to assent the bill seeking for the establishment of the Nigerian peace Corp citing duplication of functions and responsibilities and above all an estimated 21 billion naira to kick start the process.

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This has made thousand of youth from over the Federal to protest against the non passage of the bill because most of them has spent their hard earned money to get the forms and kits for their training.

Had it been the bill was passed about 800,000 youths would have been employed nationwide, this would have gone a long way to reducing the level of poverty and dependant ratio in the country.

On the other hand if you take a look at the functions and objectives of the Nigerian peace Corp one will come to the conclusion that the Nigerian Civil Defence and Nigerian police is providing similar functions.

Peace Corps recruitment process

Before you can apply for this job you need to obtain a form from the National command located at Abuja or any of the state command at a cost of 1,500 naira only, you will still be mandated to pay the sum of 500 to an agent who issue you the form. After you must have successfully fill this form you will need to pay another 200 naira to submit it.

This multiple payments has brought some negative criticism against the agency because so many are of the view that job seekers are being taken advantage of.

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Although they said All this fees will cover for the expenses incurred on training, identity Card, Uniform, Kits, T-shirts, fez-caps that will be given to you

Note : the form can be purchased at your state headquarter. Please click here to view all state chapters

Commencement of training :

Once the form has been submitted, what follows next is a compulsory 4 weeks training

Items to go along with

You will be mandated to go to the training ground with the following items:

  • blue shorts
  • white polo
  • Your credentials
  • 2 Password photograph

recruitment for the 2018/2019 has not yet commence how ever if it’s out, you will be informed here and on several news paper.

But before you can apply for any position you must first meet some requirements, please be informed that this recruitment is largely dependent on the job description and roles that is demanded from you.

Peace corn of Nigeria General qualifications and recruitment recruitment 2018/2019

  • First you must be a Nigerian citizen before you can apply
  • Be between the age of 18 and 35 years of age
  • Applicants must not be physically and mentally fit
  • Must not belong to any secret cult group.
  • You must have a good character
  • You must free from the following :
  • Sight problem;
    Hearing difficulties;
    Previous major orthopedic operation;
    Flat foot;
    Fracture, stammering or any other natural disability;
    Pregnant women
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How to apply for PCN Recruitment in 2019/2020

like I have stated above the bill that will see to the establishment of the Nigerian peace corp has not been passed, so it will be wise if you stay relaxed until the bill is passed.

What you have to do now is just keep visiting this page or better still drop your comment surely when it’s been approved by the legislative arm of government we will let you know.

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