2020/2021 WAEC EXPO ON ENGLISH THEORY & OBJ |question & Answers -2020/2021

2020/2021 WAEC EXPO ON ENGLISH THEORY & OBJ |question & Answers –2020/2021

Let’s talk about WAEC English language questions and answers for 2020. We all know how crucial this hot subject is to all candidates sitting for the exam.

Waec english language

Looking for a way to get the best mark out 2020 WAEC? This article will be of great help not only to you but to your colleagues who are in the same hot sit with you, hence if you find this article helpful don’t hesitate to share it with your close friends ASAP.

WAEC 2020/2021 : expo, Runz, runs (Questions and answers)

Let’s talk about how to quickly answer your questions within the shortest period of time. Please note that on no account must you joke with English language as its one of the highly rated subjects in WAEC.

GOD forbid but if any one fails English language such a one will surely retake WAEC again. But this shall not be your case. To this end all WAEC candidates who don’t want to sit on this hot sit have to sit up and determine that it’s now or never.

WAEC English language instruction:

Immediately you get a copy of your paper there are sets of instructions that you must go through like the following and more :

  • Don’t open your paper until you are told to do so.
  • Ensure your writing is very clear.
  • Make use of HB pencil.
  • Don’t allow your self to be seen with malpractice materials.



In this year’s WAEC the exam board as usual will divide the English language paper into 3 which should be paper 1, paper 2 and finally paper 3. Please take note.


Paper 1: this section candidates are expected to provide answers to 80 multiple questions that will be given to them. While providing answers to this question one need to be time conscious as only 1 hour will be given and at the end 40 marks will be allocated.

Paper 2: the paper 2 will only be made up of 5 essay topic and this will be match with passage.
Please note that the West African examination Council only want to test your summary and also your comprehension skills.

In case you don’t understand how it goes each candidate here will be instructed to answer all the questions on Comprehension and Summary passages while at the same time write an essay on a given topic.
Time: 2 hours
Mark : 100 marks.

All candidates should get ready for just sixty multiple choice items on Test of Orals.

See How to answer 2020/2021 WEAC English language :

Before attempting to answer a given question in English language as a smart student the first thing to do is to first go over the questions over and over again.

Take more time to read the comprehension passage but be time conscious in this area because your time is already ticking.
As you read through by now you will be able to come to terms with what the passage is all about. Please pick the main point the writer is trying to present.

As a cleaver student please look out for the following information:

  • The digression.
  • The illustration.
  • The details.
  • Finally the main point.

Please do not neglect your past questions paper on English language at this point in time. If you are able to understand just 50% on it then you will be able to come out with flying colours.

But there is a problem here which is for those who have just discovered this article a day to the exam. There will be a problem with where to start with past questions if they have not taken time to previously gone through it.If you need our help as regards to any area please let us know through the comment section.

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