Jamb Mock Reprint 2020/2021 Slip : How To Do It

Jamb mock reprint 2020. I know that you want to know your jamb 2020 mock exam date, centre and time.
That is the major reason why I created this article.
JAMB Timetable
It might be a short article, but it does helps.
Trust me it is very simple, this article makes everything easier for you.
Note that you must have registered for jamb 2020 and the jamb mock exam before you can reprint the slip.

When Is Jamb Mock 2020 Reprinting Starting

The original date for the jamb mock reprint has not been declared yet.
If you see any date on any website, they ate fake.
Few days after the jamb 2020 registration ends, the reprinting will start.
The joint admissions and matriculation board will decide on the date for the printing of your jamb mock exam slip.

Where Can I print My Jamb Mock Slip

It is 100% possible for you to do the jamb mock reprint by yourself. I will show you how to do it by yourself in this article.
You can print your mock exam slip at any computer cafe.
You can also print it at the same jamb cbt center that you registered.
However, if you want to do it by yourself, then you need some things.
You need a laptop or computer, data connection (router, Wi-Fi or modem), printer and your jamb registration details.

How Do I Print My 2020 Jamb Mock Slip

This is main reason why you are here.
Let’s get started.
Follow the steps below.
Step 1 : Go to the jamb site for reprinting, use this link https://www.jamb.org.ng/ExamSlipPrinting2/PrintMockExaminationSlip .
Step 2. Allow pop ups in your browser, in case you disabled pop ups.
Step 3 : Enter your jamb registration number or the email you used for the registration. Make sure it is correct and check out for mistakes.
Step 4 : For Mobile users; skip to the next step. For PC Users : Connect your laptop or computer to the printer and add some A4 papers. Make sure it is well connected.
Step 5 : Click on “Print jamb mock slip”.
If you are using a smartphone for this, click on the same button. It will open in another tab, choose the size you want it to be. Maybe letter, A4, A1, etc. I prefer A4, click on it and download it in a PDF format. You can print out this file at any cafe.

Alternative To The Method Above
Check the email that you used for jamb registration.
If there is any message from jamb, open it.
You will see a file attached to the mail. Download the file. That is your slip, you can print it out at any cafe.

How Much Is UTME Mock Reprint
The price for the reprinting of the examination slip is very small when compared to the cost of registration.
It is usually two hundred naira (₦200) but in some places, it may be three hundred naira (₦300).
As I said before, it is very cheap.
If you want to do it by yourself, then you are not going to spend any money at all.
Remember that you must have the things I listed above, if you really want to do it yourself.


This article has covered everything you need to know about reprinting your utme mock slip.

I am sure you now understand everything about jamb mock reprint.
Utme 2020 mock exam is not the main exam.

It is just used to test yourself while preparing for the main examination.
It is also a computer based test (you are going to make use of a computer for the exam).

You can easily pass the mock 2020 exam if you are already prepared.
Passing the mock doesn’t guarantee that you will have a better score in the main exam.

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