How To Allow Pop Ups On Jamb Site []

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Here is how to allow pop ups on jamb site in 2020.
In case you are a jamb candidate (Jambite), you may have noticed that you have problems with jamb portal when you don’t enable pop ups.
For example, if I want to check my jamb score on jamb portal, it will not show until I do the required thing.

How To Allow Pop Ups On Jamb Site []
The same thing happens when you want to check out your mock result on the portal.

How To Allow Pop Ups On Jamb Site

Follow the steps below, trust me I have tried and tested it and it working well.

  1. Go to the jamb site, in case you are not already on the site.
  2. Click on the three (3) dots at the right hand side on your browser [chrome].
  3. Scroll down and click on settings.
  4. Move down to site settings in settings.
  5. Click on pop ups and redirects in the site settings.
  6. Allow pop ups on jamb site by clicking the allow button.

It is as simple as that, read the steps again if you still don’t get it.

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This pop up of a thing is required by site.
The site usually delivers the result to you only when you have enabled pop ups on your browser as requested.
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