How To Make Balm & Hair Cream In Nigeria

Looking for how to produce hair cream in Nigeria?.  Here is a simple guide on that.
As a Nigerian, you must have seen aboliki balm/rub very well.
This post will show you how to make it by yourself.

Hair cream is also a popular item used in Nigeria by both men and women.
You will also learn how to make hair cream easily.
You can even turn into a business.
Trust me, they are simple.
Let’s get started.

How To Make Balm & Hair Cream In Nigeria

Things Needed For Balm Production

Materials Needed To Make Balm are :
1. Stove pot (boiler).
2. Paraffin oil – 40% ratio 10.
3. Petroleum jelly – 50% ratio 15.
4. Camphor – 90% ratio 1-3.
5. Menthol crystals – 60% ratio 1½ -2.
6. Emulsified wax.
7. Peppermint oil – 50% ratio 1-4.
8. Colourant.

Procedure For Making Balm

1. Clean your boiler very well.
2. Put on the heating system.
3. Measure paraffin oil into it and follow with petroleum jelly and melt.
4. Heat it properly.
5. Grind your camphor properly with a grinder and make it very smooth.
6. Add powdered camphor into hot solution and stir it.
7. Measure the required menthol crystal and add it to the solution and stir to melt.
8. Cut the emulsified wax into small particles and add to the solution gradually with a constant check on the texture at interval.
9. Measure the required peppermint oil into the solution.
10. Allow to cool dawn before filling.
11. Full into containers or carton.
12. Pack it properly for sale.

How to make hair cream easily in Nigeria

In hair cream making, the following ingredients are required:
1. Paraffin wax 1/6 liter.
2. Petroleum jelly ½ gallon.
3. Vegetable oil or groundnut oil.
4. Paraffin oil – 4 liters.
5. Colorant.
6. Perfume.


Group the above materials into phases :
Phase 1 : Paraffin wax and petroleum jelly.
Phase 2 : Vegetable oil and paraffin oil.
Phase 3 : Colorant and perfume.
Step 1 : Slice paraffin wax into pieces and put in a pot on fire and then add petroleum jelly to it and stir.
Step 2 : Add vegetable oil and paraffin oil into phase 1 on fire.
Step 3 : Add also colorant and perfume (phase 3) to it and stir well to dissolve after you have put it down from fire. Leave it to cool.
It should cool down before putting the air cream into containers.
Add a label to the containers and seal the containers.
I am sure that this article was helpful, it is simple and can be done fast.
You can now easily produce hair creams and balms.
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