How To Calculate Jamb and Departmental Cut off Mark 2020

I want to show a secret on how to calculate jamb and departmental cut off mark for admission in 2020.
UTME 2020/2021 results  have been released and satisfactorily you scored above 200,
But how sure are you that you are qualified for admission in nigeria or for that particular instituition.
Reasons why most people who score above 250 dont gain admission is because they dont know how to calculate their departmental cut off.
They feel they are automatically qualified for admission but that is not the case.
When they are denied admission they say the school is corrupt.


Cut off marks are points or minimum score you as an aspirant is expected to score before being qualified for admission in any institution of nigeria.
Every university has their cut off mark,either jamb cut off mark or departmental cut off.


The 2020 jamb cut off mark for all university is 160,but thats jamb cut off,each university is free to pick their own cut off.
but the cut off must not be less than 160
NOW the jamb cut off for MOST federal university is 200.
scoring 200 and above does not mean you are qualified for admission in that federal university it only implies that you have being qualified to partake in  the school”s post utme.
this is what most aspirants do not know.
the only cut off that qualifies you for admission is the DEPARTMENTAL CUT OFF.
departmental cut off is assigned to the course of your choice and beating that cut off automatically qualifies you for admission.


Calculating departmental cut off are based on 3 category depending on the system the school is using.
but you should know that
Departmental cut off are released after post utme have being conducted,and there is NO stable cut off for every year.
Now, calculating departmental cut off depends on the school of your choice because various schools have different requirement.
Lets assume you are aspiring for medicine in UNIBEN OR UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN
(UI) and the departmental cut off for studying medicine in 2018 is  77.
And you scored 260 in jamb and lets say 68 in post utme since jamb and post utme are over 400 and 100 respectively.
Looking at your performance you have done very well and perform excellently in both exams,
Let’s now check if you are qualified to study medicine in uniben.
your jamb score divided by 8.
and your post utme score divided by 2.
sum both together we have 32.5+34=66.5
Do you now see that despite your excellent performance in both jamb and post utme you are not yet qualified to study medicine in uniben.
So to calculate your departmental cut off for institution like uniben, ui, oau, delsu, futo, unilorin. etc.
You simply divide your jamb score by 8 and putme score by 2.
Getting admission into this category of school does not require you to score A”s in your o level.
Once you have a C in your 5 compulsory o level subject  you are good to go.
They dont make use of o level in calculating your deparmental cut off just your jamb and post utme.


Definitely NO.
Each school often release the departmental cut off for each course every year.
This cut off marks are different from each  other.
Sometimes this cut offfs either increase or decrease depending on the competitiveness of the course.
So the more competitive the course the higher the cut off marks.
That is why you see the cut off for studying medicine is very high due to the number of people aspiring for the course.


This category requires both your jamb, post utme and o level grades to calculate their departmental cut off mark.
You find such system in schools like UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS(UNILAG).
You see that this category of schools which use this system of admission demands alot.
As usual your jamb score divide by 8.
The total marks obtainable in postutme is 20.
And your o level grades is over 30.


calculation of o level grades differ on the school you applying for.
if your school is considering just 5 o level subject,then A1 is 6 points
that is if you score 5A”s in your compulsory o level subject you have 30 marks already.

  • B2 is 5 point.
  • B3 is 4 point
  • C4 is 3 point
  • C5 is 2 point
  • C6 Is 1 point.

So if the departmental cut off for the course you are aspiring is 70.
And you hav a jamb score of 260 and post utme score of 12 with 3A”s 1 B3 AND C5 in your o level.
Are you qualified for admission?
Now lets calculate together.m
1A is 6points.
3A”S will be 3×6=18
You dont need to divide post utme score by two for this category.
so lets sum up…
Well with this grade you may not be given your desired course because you are 1.5marks behind the departmental cut off for your course.
People who gain admission with merit in this category have very good o level result.


This category of school performs pure screening,they dont write post utme.
You are only required of your jamb and o level result.
There is no departmental cut off for each course,the higher your jamb score,the higher your chances
But your aggregate score will be calculated with your o level result grades and jamb score.
UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA, FUOYE E.T.C practice this type of admission process.


Since departmental cut off are not released till after post utme some people might ask .
HOW DO I KNOW my chances of getting admission because after departmental cut off are released i cant change my course to anyone i like?
All you have to do is compare.
If the previous year aggregate for your course is 70 and you have a jamb score of 280.
Dividing 280 by 8 we have 35 point,now ask yourself can i score 75 in putme?
Because 70 divide by 2 is  35 so if you add 35 to 35 we have 70.
But i said 75 because we dont always expect the cut off to decrease so you dont aim at 70.
You aim 75 in your putme because 75/2=37.5
And 35 +37.5=72.5,so you see now that even if the cut off increases to 71. you are still safe.
All you need to do before registering for post utme is to compare last year cut off and ask yourself can i?
Thanks for reading.
Do you have any questions?
Ask in the comment  box.


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