How To Start Candle Making Profitable Business In Nigeria

If you want to start candle production business in Nigeria, you should read this post.

Candles are one of the most popular household items in a Nigerians home mainly for lighting.

It could be used for decoration, religious purposes, festival or anniversary.
Candle is always a great product that sells fast at all times.
The process of making candle is simple. This is a lucrative business you can get involved without any risk or problems.
Materials for producing candle are inexpensive, thereby making it possible for an average person to involve in the business.

How To Start Candle Making Profitable Business In Nigeria

Materials You Need To Start Candle Production In Nigeria

Three main raw materials are needed for candle production.
1. Wax : This is the major component which is the solid white matter that burns when lightened up. It is sold in the market in large pellets.
2. Stearic Acid : This is the saturated fatty acid with an 18 chain with IUPAC name octydecanoic acid. Its chemical formula is CH3(CH2)16CO2H.
3. Wick : This is the thread you find at the middle of candles of different colour.

In summary, you need :

1. Paraffin wax.
2. White bees wax.
3. Pyramid mould.
4. Water melon fragrance oil.
5. Black/gray concentrated liquid dye.
6. Red/pink concentrated liquid dye.
7. Hunter green concentrated liquid dye.
8. 24 ply flat braid wick.
9. Mould sealer.
10. Cookie sheet.

A heat source like a hot electric stove (a double boiler set), you need :

1. Melting pot.
2. Thermometer to measure the temperature of your wax.
3. Pouring pot.
4. Scale to weigh your wax.
5. Hammer to break the wax.

The essential item that you need to make candle in a safe manner, the first thing you need is something you need to melt your wax.
Some people believe you should only use the double boiler to melt your wax.

One thing you should know is that you should never melt the wax on your stove unless you are using the double boiler method and don’t melt the wax on anything that does not have temperature control.

Because wax does not have a flash point and will burst into flames without warning once it reaches that point depending on the wax.

If you don’t have an expensive wax melter to make great candle, I recommend you to purchase a presto from your local hardware store or any other store.

The kitchen kettle has numerical temperature gauge.
You also need a thermometer to use with your kitchen kettle to ensure a proper candle temperature at all times.

You also need something to pour your melted candle into your moulds, a glass measuring cup works.
You may need an accurate and reliable weighing scale for weighing your wax to put in your melter.
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