CBN Recruitment 2020/2021 Application Form Portal |

CBN Recruitment 2020/2021 Application Form Portal |
The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) recruitment is here again for you to start applying. What are you waiting for?
CBN’s job is one of the highest paying job in Nigeria as at today. Join us as we give you the requirements, latest news on CBN Recruitment right now.
CBN Recruitment

CBN Recruitment And How To Apply 2020/2021

The monetary organization is currently not hiring, however, you can proceed to learn how to apply for job.
Here are the requirements you most possess before commencing your application processes.

CBN Recruitment Requirements For A Successful Application 2020/2021 :

1. Excellent Academic Qualifications
Considering the kind of environment you intend joining, you’re expected to be academically sound.
The first way to prove your intelligence is to have great academic qualifications (Minimum of B.Sc Degree/H.N.D, or Second Class Lower Division from a reputable university) in the following field:

  • Accountancy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Law

2. Special Skills and Abilities
You must possess good characters and the desire to work for the growth of the financial industry. Some of the skills or attitude include:

  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Self-confidence
  • Perfect communication skills
  • Political Awareness

3. You Must fall within 18-30 age bracket.
4 Original Birth Certificate
5. Physical and Mentalfitness:
Note that 5% CBN employees are bodily disabled, hence, you stand a chance to be hired irrespective of your body condition as long as your hands and fingers aren’t affected.

5-step Guideline On How To Successfully Apply for 2020/2021 CBN Recruitment

  1. Visit CBN’s recruitment Portal
  2. Fill The Application Form with Accurate information
  3. Complete and Submit The Form
  4. Wait For Reply From The Organization to confirm if your application is accepted or rejected.
  5. Prepare For Aptitude Test You will be contacted with the information about where and when your aptitude test will come up.

Be rest assured to receive a message from the organization as you will be told to resume work as long as you pass the aptitude test.

Things To Avoid During Application Process

  • Multiple Applications
  • Falsification of Results and other documents
  • Do NOT pay for any invitation or interview (IT IS A SCAM)

All Nigerians are expected to know the meaning of CBN and their functions in the country, but don’t feel embarrassed if you know nothing about it. Below are some facts you should know about the organization.

Things To know About CBN (History and Functions)

CBN simply mean Central Bank of Nigeria, an industry/organization that deals with printing of money and the management of other money-related issues in the country.
CBN History The establishment of this banking system could be traced back to 1880s during the colonial reign but its operations weren’t legally supported by constitution and it wasn’t known as CBN.
After the colonial reign in the country, a motion to create a central banking system was moved by the legislative arms of government in 1958 and the proposition was eventually granted by the Federal Government of the country.
Hence, the Central Bank of Nigeria officially became a legal institute in 1959 when it possessed its own rules and regulations (CBN Act 1959) guiding all of its operations.
The same constitution also gave it the authority to carry out some monetary measures in order to sanitize the country’s economy. Visit to read more about CBN’s history.

Functions Of The Central Bank of Nigeria

The organization ensures that banking and finance industry continues to thrive to have positive influence on the country’s economy in the long run.
Other functions of the Central Bank of Nigeria include:

  • Managing Nigeria’s External Reserves by taking records of the amount of debt owed by the Federal Government.
  • Controlling Nigeria’s foreign exchange
  • Printing new currency( money)
  • Lending money to domestic banks
  • Ensuring Naira’s stability
  • They advise the Federal Government on budget plannings.

There are many other CBN functions, but we’re limiting the list to the ones above due to time constraints.

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