12 Cheap Universities In USA For International Students

Cheap universities in USA for international students.
Do you wish to study in America?
And you are looking for cheap universities in America?

This article is a guide to your dreams.
Getting to study in America is very expensive  most especially for international students who are not eligible to receive support and educational aid from the government of the united states.

12 Cheap Universities In USA For International Students
But then, there are some colleges in the united states that offer affordable tuition fees to international students studying in America.

You will see the cheapest universities in USA that you can study in.
If you wish to study abroad in USA, then you need to read this.
I will show you the low tuition fees universities available in USA.

Not only does this school offer affordable fees but they also provide quality education to their student.

Cheap Universities In USA (America)

Here is a list of colleges in the united states  with the estimated fees.
1.Bringham young university.:

The university is owned by the church of Jesus christ latter day saints,and tuition fees are subsidized or reduced by the church members tithing and donation.
Funding is also from the national institute of health and BYU simons center for cancer outreach.
Bringham university is a non profit research university.
LOCATION:Provo, Utah in the united states.
FEES:The estimated fee at bringham university is $10,920.
2.University of minnesota(twin cities):
University of minnessota is one of the colleges in u.s with cheap tuition fees that offer quality Education.
It is  a public research institution.
It has two campuses,the school is known for some popular courses especially the scientific courses like Engineering, biomedical sciences, social sciences, biological sciences, business and psychology.
LOCATION: Its campuses are located at minneapolis and saint paul popularly known as twin cities.
FEES:The estimated tuition fee at university of minnessota is $28,910 for international students.
3.University of Iowa:

University of Iowa is among the top 14 university with high quality Education.
It is known for its variety of courses which include Engineering, communication, journalism, leisure and fitness studies, marketing, social science courses and other related program.
LOCATION: It is located at iowa city, united states.
FEES:Iowa residents pay $9,830 as tuition fee,while non residents of Iowa pay $31,793.

James madison university was renamed after the 4th american president,the university is a public research university.
Its closeness to the nations capital washington D.C makes it advantageous to student studying political courses e.g political science.
The university is ranked 8th among masters universities in the united states.
The university comprises of 8 colleges currently which include.

  1. college of arts and letters.
  2. college of business
  3. college of education
  4. college of integrated science and engineering.
  5. college of science and maths
  6. college of health and behavioral studies
  7. college of visual arts.

LOCATION: Harrisonburg,Virgina, United states.
FEES:For residents of Virgina the tuition fee is $13,332 while non residents of Virgina are expected to pay $29,654.
please we want readers to know that whatever is written here is the estimated fee,tuition fee of various university and college may change at anytime.

Cal polytechnic state university is one of the polytechnics in the California state university system.
The university offer 39 masters degree and 65 bachelors degree.
LOCATION:San luis,Obispo California.United states.
FEES: For residents $9,075 and non residents $22,116.

The Asbury university is a non denominational school,and a private christian liberal arts university.
It is ranked number 1 in the south.
Apart from being a private christian university,the school is also a liberal arts university.
In 2008, it was ranked third tier of liberal university.
LOCATION:Wilmore, kentucky in the United States.
FEES: The estimated tuition fees for international student in asbury university is $28,433 .

Truman state university is a public liberal arts university.
The university most majors include kinesiology, physchology, English, business administration and management and biology E.T.C
LOCATION:Kirksville, missouri, United states.
FEES: for those residing at missouri the tuition fee is $9,048 and $15,431 for non residents of missouri.

Popularly known as the “craddle of astronauts” the school is best known for its engineering program.
Both the 1st man to walk on the moon (Neil armstrong) and the last man to walk on the moon (eugene cernan) both graduated from the university.
More than 20 people which graduated from the school have gone on to become astronauts.
Its a public research university that advances discoveries in science, technology, engineering and maths.
LOCATION:West Lafayette, Indiana.United States.
FEES:$9,992 for residents of Indiana and $30,954 for others.
Binghamton university is a public research university with campuses in binghamton, vestal, Johnson city.
It is ranked 80th among national university in the states.
LOCATION: Vestal, New york city.united states.
FEES: The estimated tuition fees for international students at binghamton university is $23,710.
The university of Georgia is a public flagship research university.
It is  one of the oldest university in the United states.
FEES:For residents of Georgia the tuition the fee is $11,830 and $30,404 for out of state students.

The university of central Arkansas comprises of six colleges which include college of Education, college of liberal arts, college of health and behavioral science, college of business, mathematics, college of fine arts and communication, college of natural science.
FEES:The estimated tuition fee for international student at the university of central arkansas is $15,506.


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