Courses Offered In Landmark University Nigeria [2019]

Courses offered in landmark university. I have compiled this list because of landmark university aspirants.
If you are an aspirant of this university, then you need to read this.
Landmark university is among the top 500 universities in nigeria.
It is very important to know the courses that are offered in the university or institution that you want to go.
Landmark university has three colleges or let me say falcuties.
Courses offered in landmark university
These colleges are : the college of agricultural sciences, the college of science and engineering and the college of business and social sciences.

Courses Offered In Landmark University

Below are the courses that you csn study at landmark university.

 The College Of Agricultural Sciences

Inside  the college of agricultural sciences, there are five courses, which are :
•General Agriculture.
•Animal Science.
•Plant Science.
•Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.
•Landmark new course : Agricultural Economics.

Landmark College Of Science And Engineering

Inside the college of science and engineering, there are twelve courses which are :
•Industrial Chemistry.
•Industrial Mathematics.
•Industrial Physics.
•The course of Agricultural Engineering.
•Computer Science.
•Electrical and Information Engineering.
•Mechanical Engineering.
•Chemical Engineering.
•Civil Engineering.

 The University College Of Business And Social Sciences

Under the college of business and social sciences, there are seven courses, which are :
•Banking And Finance.
•Business Administration.
•Political Science.
•International Relations.


That is actually the complete list of courses offered in landmark university Nigeria.
The list of courses above are fully accredited.
It has been updated for the 2019/2020 aspirants.
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