How To Create Jamb Profile Code For JAMB 2020/2021

You need to create jamb profile for 2020 and have your  code before proceeding to register for jamb 2020/2021.
You are to create it by yourself and no other person should help you.
This is the best guide to create jamb 2020 profile code.
In this post, I will explain to you, how to create  and get it using phone. Take note of every steps given in this post and avoid mistakes.
The code is very important for jamb 2020 registration.
Without it, you can never register for jamb.
jamb Profile
If you still don’t know the price of jamb form, I published a post on it. Check the cost of buying utme form.

Old method of creating jamb profile

In the past years, to create jamb profile code 2020, each candidate will have to go to  the jamb portal.
This can be through jamb mobile app available on android, windows and iOS platforms. Or visit a bank or NIPOST to create his/her utme code on the jamb portal :
The name, date of birth, personal email address and place of origin of the candidate are required to create it.
A link to the eBrochure and eSyllabus will be automatically sent to the candidate’s personal email address.

  How to Create Jamb Profile code for jamb 2020/2021 registration (new method)

Last year the method used to create jamb profile was changed. It was made easier and faster for jamb candidates.
With this method you can easily get it with your smartphone. It is so cheap, only fifty naira will be used to get it.
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Now, you need to know that this method is through sms. You need to carefully follow the steps in this post so that you can receive your jamb 2020 profile code.
Step 1 : Get your phone, make sure it is charged and your personal sim card is in it. If you don’t have a sim card, buy one or use the sim card of someone close to you.
Step 2 : Make sure you know the correct spelling of your name. Check your birth certificate or ask your parents, if you don’t get the correct spelling.
Step 3 : Make sure the credit on your phone is more than thirty naira. If it is not up to fifty naira, buy a recharge card, load it and make sure it is on your sim.
Step 4 : Go to the message application on your phone, click on “write a new message “. In the recipient number area, enter “55019”, in the message box, type your surname, first name and middle name.
For example : Fashina Adebayo Samson. If you don’t have a  middle name, you can use only your surname and first name. E.g Fashina Adebayo, since adebayo is the first name and fashina is the surname to be used.
Make sure that there is space between the names. Check the names for any spelling errors. Make sure it is the same as the one on your birth certificate.
Step 5 : Send the message, and make sure it is “55019” it was sent to. You will receive a message like this : “Your request has been received and is being processed, you will get response shortly. The service will cost you #50.”
Note : You can only use mtn, glo, airtel or 9mobile to create jamb profile code in 2020. A sum of fifty naira only will be deducted. But I prefer mtn, because of it is fast.
Then you will finally received a message like this from 55109, : “Dear Your surname Your first name Your middle name, Your Profile Code is 1111111111. Visit for your eBrochure”.
Note : The number above : “111111111” is not your  utme code, I used it as an example to explain it to you.

Conclusion on utme code for profile

Note that the ten digit number sent to you is your utme  2020/2021 profile code.
After getting it, you can now go ahead to register for jamb 2020.
I used these steps above to get mine, so it is tested and working.
Make sure you don’t cut that message sent to you by 55019 on you phone or sim. It very important, and you should keep the sim that you used safe.
If you did not receive any message, check your account balance if fifty naira was deducted. If it was deducted, wait a little longer. If it was not, resend the message after 20mins.
Your surname should be the first, followed by your first name then your middle name as the last. There is no need of going to a computer cafe to get the code except if you don’t have a phone.
In case you lost your  code and you want to get it back, send “RESEND” to “55019”.
Make sure that all your names does not pass 40 characters in total.
Any type of phone can create jamb profile using this sms method, be it; android, small Nokia phones, China phones, etcetera. As far as it can send a message, you can use it.
In case if your phone spoilt in one way or the other, just put your sim card in another phone and use it.
The  jamb 2020 profile code consists only of ten numbers, it does not contain any form of alphabet.
Don’t tell everyone your utme code, keep it confidential.
You should also make sure that you created it yourself to avoid any mistakes or errors.
Never pay anybody money to create it  for you.
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