Purpose & Advantages Of Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

Purpose & Advantages Of Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

Do you know the purpose of entrepreneurship in our society today?.
So what are the purposes of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. That’s what I want to explain in this article.
I will also show you the advantages of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Purpose & Advantages Of Entrepreneurship In Nigeria


Purpose Of Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

1. Increase the number of entrepreneurs.
2. Public awareness or provides robust and strong entrepreneurship awareness against a society.
3. Produce progress and welfare of the community.
4. Cultivates the spirit, attitude, behaviour and entrepreneurial abilities.
5. Younger generation; children dropping out of school, the prospective entrepreneurs benefit.
6. Increase work force capacity.
7. It acts as a generator of development environment, personal, distribution, maintenance and welfare.
8. Give example of how to work hard, diligently and superior personnel natural life.
9. Educates employees so that people become self-reliant, discipline, industrious and honest in facing jobs.
10. Educate people to live an efficient and simple life.
Purpose of entrepreneurship in Nigeria

Advantages Of Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

1. It opens wide the chance to become boss of the company.
2. It opens opportunities to gain maximum benefits and profits.
3. It opens opportunities to show the full entrepreneurial potentials.
4. It opens opportunities to help people in business.
5. It opens opportunities to achieve the desired business goals weakness.

Characteristics Of Good Entrepreneurs

1. Attitude and behaviour discipline : The attitude and behaviour discipline is fundamental to the success of one’s capital in entrepreneurship. In order to achieve success in career, one must begin with hard work, good look confidence, make decisions, education, encouragement of ambition and clever communication.
2. High commitment : An entrepreneur must have a high commitment to the task, that is, an entrepreneur that every time his not separated from his company or business.
3. Honest : Honesty in entrepreneurship means to be willing and able to say something as existence. As a result of the receipt of people are not honest in entrepreneurship.


The responsibility is huge and heavy in the face of business problems, work hard and very long time.
Earned income is uncertain and has very big risk.
But the advantages and purpose of entrepreneurship in Nigeria is more than the disadvantages.
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