Five things you must do to get recruited into recruitment /Nigerian prison service recruitment
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I have written numerous post and articles about the Nigerian prison service recruitment application form, how you can apply and the necessary step you need to take as an individual to succeed as a prison official. recruitment

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Five things you must do to get recruited into Nigerian prison service recruitment

Be determined: applying for any position in the Nigeria prison service is not easy honestly, from the onset the portal won’t open at all, it will even get to a stage when it will be slow or offline for days and one begins to wonder if they are carrying out any secret replacement recruitment.

It will only take a determine individual to successfully apply because most times you have to keep late nights or even wake up by 12 before the site will start going.

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Meet the basics requirements: the Nigerian prison service recruitment portal has always emphasis on candidates to go through the basic requirements that is expected of every applicant. Note that applicants who don’t meet any of this requirement will be drop at the verification stage.

Always go through current affairs: always have it in mind that the prison board will always come up with an examination for all candidates irrespective of what area they applied for. Please always try to be we grounded with current affairs, history of the prison board and lots more because this things will save you some day.

Ask questions around : you need to communicate with people of like minds, if you have an uncle or siblings even relatives that work in the Nigeria Prisons Service or related sisters agencies this is the time to reach out to them. Please don’t be shy or feel too big to ask questions. Let me tell you it’s who knows man that will eventually have the lion share in today’s Nigeria.

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Always check your mailbox : always check your inbox, this is your first point of contact with the prison board . Be on the look out for mails in your spam folder.

Always visit recruitmentform: always visit recruitmentform for more tips and updates and most importantly share our articles with your friends on social media.

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  1. Only the selected ones will make it in the Nigeria Prison Service. Sounds scaring but you need confidence because, people to make it have but just a head as you do. I wishs you success friends.

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