Can You Gain Admission With F9 In Mathematics : Best Answer

Can I gain admission with f9 in mathematics into any universities, polytechnics or college of education?
I will answer this question in this post.
What of if you have D7 in maths, can you also gain admission.

Is it compulsory to have credit in mathematics before you can gain admission?.

Everything will be covered in this post.
It might be short, but it is really helpful.
This post is only about mathematics in o level result.
Just read it and take note of every details.

Can I Gain Admission With F9 In Mathematics  ?

The simplest answer to this question is No,  you can’t get admitted with f9 in maths.
Now, most universities and polytechnics in Nigeria require at least a credit in mathematics, English and other 3 subjects related to your course.
Can You Gain Admission With F9 In Mathematics : Best Answer
In case you don’t know, mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects in waec, neco and gce.

If you have F9 in mathematics in any of your o level result, the best thing is to sit for another exam.

For instance, if you have F9 in mathematics in your waec result, you can sit for neco exam.

If  the maths in your neco result is good (at least a credit) and the others are also good, you can substitute it for waec and gain admission.

This might be tricky in some universities.
Some Nigeria universities don’t accept two sittings.
Gaining admission into these universities will be impossible if you sat twice for your o level exams.

Can D7 In Mathematics Be Used To Gain Admission  ?

D7 in mathematics can’t also gain admission into any universities.
Note that, we are still talking about o level result.

You will have to also sit for another o level examination.
You can use neco or gce, in case your waec result is not good.

But I prefer using neco to gce as a substitute for waec, because most universities accept neco result.
If you want to sit for another exam, make sure you read and study hard.

It will not be good if you fail mathematics again.
There are rarely universities that accepts 3 (three) sittings for admission.
So, gaining admission will be more difficult with three sittings.


Now I hope I have answered your question in the best way you can understand.
I never talked about failing mathematics in jamb. This post is only for o level result.
If you want to study a course that does not need mathematics in jamb, you need maths in your o level result.

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