Does Ghana Universities Accept Neco Result For Admission

Does Ghana universities accept neco result for admission to study any course?.
If you are a Nigerian that want to study in any universities in Ghana, then you must read this post.

Many Nigerians wish to study in foreign countries, some even like to study in nearby countries like Ghana.

Ghana education is good and the cost of most of the universities there are cheap.
But before you can gain admission there, you need some results and documents.

Does Ghana Universities Accept Neco Result For Admission
As every other West African countries, they accept waec result for admission.
But what about neco result, do they accept it ?.
See the answer to this question in this post.
I will also show you the Universities in Ghana that will take neco result.


Does Ghana Universities Accept Neco Result  ?

Yes, most Ghana universities accept neco result for admission.
But there is a problem.
Not all universities in Ghana will take this result.

That’s is why I have listed below, some of the institutions that will accept it.
Before you start to process any admission, make some research on that school.

Choosing a school that will not take neco result will make you loose your admission.
If the University you chose, accept neco, then you can use it.

If they don’t, then you need to use waec result.
The only result they need from you is your o level result.

All universities in Ghana accept waec result.
So, of you have waec result, that’s good.  Use it, you will gain admission if you have at least 6 credits.
Don’t use an o level result that is not good.

Do Ghana Universities Use Jamb ?

No,  universities in Ghana will not use jamb result for admission.
Jamb result can only be used in Nigeria.
You cannot use it in any other countries apart from Nigeria.

If you have jamb result and you still want to gain admission in Ghana, then keep your jamb result.
Although it won’t be of any help to you in terms of gaining admission.

Ghana Universities That Accept Neco Result

Below are the universities in Ghana  that will take neco result.

  • University of Ghana in Legon.
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
  • University of Cape Coast.
  • Central University Ghana.
  • Wisconsin International University in Accra.
  • Radford University in Accra.
  • Knutsford University, East Legon in Accra.


In Nigeria, universities, polytechnics and colleges of education needs at least a credit in 5 subjects  in your o level result.
But in Ghana, the case is quite different.
They need at least a credit in 6 subjects in your o level result.

Out of these 6 subjects, mathematics and English language are compulsory.
The remaining four (4) subjects must be related to the course you want to study.
The main thing you need is o level result.
They won’t accept f9 or D7 for admission.
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