Is nis online recruitment form out/ NPS registration

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This post is all about the Nigerian prison service recruitment holding at, in our previous post we talk more on the latest information on the Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment 2018.

Is nis online recruitment form out/

If you are still wondering if the Nigerian prison service recruitment recruitment is on and you are still confused about all the process involved in the recruitment process then click on my latest article on Nigeria Prisons Service and how to apply here i made sure i outlined the process of recruitment, Recruitment requirements and how to apply.

Functions of the Nigerian prison service

  • The Nigeria Prisons Service is mandated by law to keep all those that have been certified and convicted by the court as
  • The Nigeria Prisons Service is bound by law to produce suspect who are still on trial at any time they are to appear in court.
  • NPS in conjunction with other government agencies carry out rehabilitation programs on all convicted criminals so as to make them to become useful once their prison term has been completed.
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Please note that registration and applying for any position in is free of charge and only those who are free from criminal records that can apply.

If you have any deformity such as bow legs, flat feet, deformed eyes sight etc you might be denied access to be enlisted. Also members of secret cult are advised not to apply.

Application is open to both male and female who are of good behavior and has what it takes to work in this agency.

Once again the application can only be done online at and all forms are to be completed and submitted within the specified period of time which is usually 6 weeks from the time the recruitment was announced.

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Information about the Nigerian prison service

At present the Nigeria Prisons Service operate about 240 prisons which has a capacity of 50,000 in Nigeria and has about 72,000 inmates as you can see most of our prison are overcrowded and filled with filth.

Most of the crimes being committed by inmates ranges from robbery,stealing, kidnapping and assault with stealing topping the list.

It should interest you to know that only about %67 of inmates are actually awaiting trial as our judiciary system is too slow in delivery judgment. One of the biggest problems with the government is how to decongest the prison.

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