JAMB Portal To Check Result 2020/2021 checker : www.jamb.org.ng/ check result with only reg num

The 2020 cbt exam started yesterday and candidates need (www.jamb.org.ng) jamb portal to check result 2020/2021.
This post will show you how to check jamb result 2020 on www.jamb.org.ng.
Since you can check your utme result with or without registration number.
This will be ending on 18th of this month. Candidates are grouped batch by batch.
The first batch starts by 7:00 AM in the morning.
Second batch begins by 9:00AM, also in the morning. The last batch starts in the afternoon between 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM.
Jamb 2020/2021 is quite different from other years.
jamb portal to check result 2020/2021
Candidates say the examination is kind of harder. A ready jamb 2020 candidate won’t have any problem with the questions.
Although the jamb  results are not yet out now. Bookmark this site or page to get updated as soon as it has been released.
It should come out within 48 – 100 hours after the exam. (Forty eight – Hundred Hours),  that’s 2 – 5 days.


Things You Will Need To Check Jamb Score  2020/2021

  1.  A Smartphone or Computer.
  2. Jamb profile code or registration number or phone number or email address.
  3. Cellular Data on Your device.
  4. Printer + A4 Papers [Optional].
  5. Good Internet Browser [Google Chrome is recommended].


How To Use Jamb Portal To Check Result 2020/2021 And Print Slip

Don’t increase your blood pressure over this, calm down. I will explain it all to you . Don’t expect your jamb mock exam score to be the same as the main examination.
Follow the steps below, you can also check jamb result with registration number only.
jamb portal to check result 2019
There 3 ways of checking your 2020 original jamb result checker, which are :

  • Using Your Email Address.
  • The use of your personal phone number.
  • UTME registration number or profile code.

For Smartphone Device Users To Use Jamb Portal To Check Result Score

  1. Only use phones that can browse the internet to check your jamb score. Make sure you have enough data on it before proceeding.
  2. Open your internet browser, just after switching on the internet connection.
  3. Go to the check jamb results portal (www jamb.org.ng) using the link I gave in this paragraph.
  4. Click on the link, it will open in a new tab on your browser. Let it load fully before your next move.
  5. Allow any pop up on the portal, allow javascript in the browser’s settings. That’s why I recommended chrome to you, it is easy to use.
  6. Change from mobile to desktop view on the browser. This makes it easier to navigate on www.jamb.org.ng portal 2020.
  7. It will ask for your registration number, email, profile code or phone number. Type it as it is in your examination slip.
  8. All registration numbers are of ten (10) characters. Eight numbers and two alphabets. The alphabets are usually in higher case.
  9. Press the button “Check Examination Result”. You will see what you scored, everything is over 400.
  10. To save it on your smartphone, click on “print”. Save it as a Portable Document Format (PDF)  file.


Tutorial For Computer Users To use www.jamb.org.ng portal.

  • Boot your computer or laptop and open it if is locked. Let the system finish booting before anything else.
  • Put a SIM (with data) in your modem or internet router. Connect it with the computer.  If  hotspot or USB tethering is available, connect to it.
  • Navigate to your internet browser, it is mostly the internet explorer. Use Google  chrome browser instead. You can also try Mozilla Firefox.
  • Be very sure that you allowed pop ups and javascript in your browser.
  • Use this link www.jamb.org.ng 2020 result portal to check what you scored.
  • Type in all the required details as explained above. Click on “check examination result”.
  • You will see your total mark over 400 (Four Hundred).
  • In case if you have a working printer with some A4 sheets, you can print it out.
  • Connect the printer cable to the computer, plug in the printer to any source of electricity . Press Ctrl + P, at the same time. It will print it out for you.
  • Another alternative is to click on the print button below the result. Make sure the papers are in the right place.

Is Jamb 2020 Results Out  ?

No, the results are not yet out.
Your answers are marked by machines, but after this, it will still pass through some other things.
Jamb officials will still cross-check the results to see if there is any problems with it.
Examination malpractices are also observed which leads to them withelding results and banning some cbt centers.
You can check  www.jamb.org.ng to know if it is out or not.
Or subscribe to Elearnpro and get more updates in your email inbox for free.
When it comes out, I will update this article for you to know.

Can Jamb Result Be Upgraded

No your jamb score can never be increased or upgraded as most people say.
All these people who say they can help you upgrade your utme result are pure scammers looking for whom to scam.
Don’t be deceived and fall for their dumb  tricks.
Last year, I heard of 20 people or more who lost their hard-earned money all in the name of upgrading their utme score.
Some people will go to the extent of saying they have access to jamb databases.
They are lying, and those are part of their tricks.
Don’t waste your money, even if you didn’t meet cut off mark, you can still study another course.
Once you have checked your utme result online, that is the same score that will be there.

My Jamb 2020  Result Score Is low : What to do?

What??, Why is my jamb result score so bad?. Am sorry for that, but I still have a solution and advice for you.
The first thing to do is to check the cut off mark of your course. The institution you picked will also have effect on the cut off mark.
Very competitive universities like the University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, etcetera. They are used to increasing the cut off mark for admission.
Don’t lose hope, your post utme  score can back you up. Read and study more than ever before.
Tell your parents about it, let them know what you scored. Don’t be scared or frightened, get yourself together.
You can do better than this in the post jamb at your chosen institution.
Problems Arises When :

  1. You get a low mark in post-utme.
  2. The institution you picked does not do post-utme.
  3. You got lower than the cut off mark of your course.
  4. You don’t care about your results.
  5. Admission was not given to you.

If you had any of the five (5) problems, I will give you some  good solutions.

  1. Sit for another jamb cbt exam in the next year. Study and prepare 3x harder than before.
  2. Opt in for an A level Program.
  3. Change your course or institution.

How many years is jamb 2020 result valid?

The validity still remains three (3) solid years. After these years, it won’t be valid and functioning.
It is advisable to use it to gain admission into any universities, polytechnics, etc in the same year.
You know what it means by being valid.  It will only gain you admission within three (3) plain years.

Conclusion On Jamb Portal to Check Result 2020

I guess you already know how to use jamb portal to check result 2020/2021. www.jamb.org.ng is the main checker board to use online.
I covered every bit of this topic. No stones were left unturned, feel free to ask questions.
Share this article with every other Jamb 2020 candidates that you know. Use the sharing buttons above and below this post.
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Thanks for reading, have a blessed day.


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