Jamb Expo 2020/2021 : The Truth About It

What is jamb exam Expo ?, this is the type of questions most utme candidates ask and search for online.
The purpose of this post is to educate, enlighten and let you know what you need to know about jamb examination malpractice. Please pay attention to every single thing in this post, it is very important.
Feel free to use the comments box below this post, if you have any questions about utme exam malpractice or runz .

What is jamb exam expo or runz?

Jamb exam expo or runz is the same thing as jamb examination malpractice. Candidates are lured into the idea of getting the questions before the examination.
You really want free jamb answers?, why not use your textbooks and read them very well.
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Note : This post is not in any way promoting jamb runs, but to let candidates know why it is bad and its implications. So read it carefully.

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Top 6 reasons why should never get involved in jamb expo

I will give you the top 6 (six) solid reasons why you should never get involved in jamb exam malpractice or runs. Take note of them.

1. Jamb examination expo is a sin

I am sure you know what a sin is and its repercussions. You should know now that jamb exam expo is a sin. No matter what you worship or your religion, a sin is a sin. It is what you should avoid.

2. It  is a scam

Yeah, it is a pure scam. When you pay for it, just know that your money is long gone. It’s of no use paying for nothing and being scammed. Instead, use that money for something else.
You can buy textbooks to read, or reading materials with that money instead of wasting it. You can even use it to pay for some fees like the jamb mock exam fee, etcetera.

3. It is illegal

Increasingly, candidates, examination officials and other person are yielding to the temptation to cheat in examinations.
Cheating (or aiding or abetting cheating) in examinations is criminal act punishable in law. The Examination Decree 1999 provides penalties for persons convicted of examination malpractice.
There you go, can you now see that it is illegal. And you know what illegal means (it goes against the law).

4. It  is shameful

For example, person A engaged in jamb exam malpractice and was caught red-handed. He will have to face the punishment for his/her offence.
Isn’t this so shameful ?. He/she is supposed to be happy after the exam, but will be sad. And the punishment include imprisonment for 3-5 years or more.

5. You cannot get any results with it

The jamb results of the person that was involved in the examination malpractice will be cancelled. And there is no solution to this, that’s the product of it.

6. You will have to sit for another exam

As I said above, the result will be penalized. The candidate will have to sit for another exam, but not in the same here.

There are no shortcuts to success. He/she will be monitored on the day of exam. Shortcuts only negate your ability.

A Short Story For You.. : There were two friends who studied to pass jamb excellently. The first person was “A” and the second person was “B”. A read day and night, practiced past questions, prayed and never relented.
   While A was busy consuming each topic in his textbooks, B played away with time and had in his mind to cheat on the day of exam. Who do you think will pass utme?  Of course A passed jamb successfully without cheating, while B had to sit for another cbt examination.
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What can I do to avoid this expo?

I will explain what to you, what you need to do to avoid this act.
1. Ignore any post on social media, websites, etcetera, asking to pay for jamb examination malpractice or related to it. You will surely see posts asking you to pay for examination runs, ignore them.

2. Prepare properly for jamb 2020/2021.

You want to blast jamb?, why looking for runz when you got your books. Prepare very well.

3. Never get involved in jamb malpractice.

With all I said above, am sure that you have been convinced to stop looking for jamb expo.

4. Plan yourself purposefully.

Someone who is well planned and ready for the jamb 2020 examination will not need jamb answers. Make sure you are well planned and ready.
  5. Make sure that there is nothing that can implicate you, with you before entering the examination hall.
  6. Always Visit Elearnpro Everyday : It is likely that you have not read a quarter of the articles on this website.
Make sure that you try your best to reach this blog every single day. It will really help you out with your upcoming exams.
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Conclusion on jamb 2020 examination expo

This Jamb runz is really really bad. Don’t indulge in this bad act. Instead of looking for jamb answers, read and understand your jamb recommended textbooks.
If you still doubt this, read this article more than five times. Then ask yourself if this is right or wrong.
That’s your best friend; your textbook. Marry your jamb past questions and see success coming your way.
I wish you success in your examinations, cheers.
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