Jamb Rules And Regulations 2020/2021

All Jamb rules and regulations 2020/2021. That is actually what I am goi
ng to explain in this post.
I am going to expantiate on the laws you should abide by. These laws are a must in utme 2020.
Every candidate that would sit for jamb 2020 must know the rules. They must follow and abide by them. Read and understand each and every one of them.

You Are Being Watched !

Every standard jamb exam center has two or more cameras. Behave yourself, calm down and cool down your anxiety.
Please and please don’t talk to any one in the examination hall. If you have any problems, talk to your invigilator.
You can’t ask questions like : “I don’t understand this question?”, “can I bring in my textbook ?”, etc.
Asking questions related to the functioning of the computer is very important.
The exam malpractice squad are watching you. They can see any moves you make.
Most of these cameras rotate in an angle of 360°. So that their eyes are on you.
That is why I always say that there is nothing like jamb exam expo. Go in there and do your work, nobody will help you.
Complete jamb rules and regulations
I believe by now you know the punishment for jamb malpractice. I repeat, nobody will help you. Read on, there is more things you should know.

Jamb Rules and Regulations 2020

There are things that you should never bring to the jamb 2020 exam center. These things are :

  1. Wrist Watch : Wrist watches are not allowed, be it plastic or metallic watch. All types of wrist watch are not allowed. Avoid big boy or big girl, jamb doesn’t need it. It needs your ability to answer its questions correctly.
  2. ATM Card : Your Automated Teller Machine Card is not welcomed at the exam hall. Keep it somewhere safe before you enter the examination center.
  3. Pen/Biro : Don’t bring any biro or pen into the examination hall. You are only allowed to bring a pencil along. Check where I talked about the pencil below.
  4. Scarfs/Cardigans/Head wears : These are also not accepted, let them stay at home. Hijabs are accepted but not at all centers.
  5. Mobile Phone/Electronic Device/Calculator : There is no need for you to bring a calculator along. A calculator will be on your computer to bring used. Also don’t bring any electronic device or mobile phone.
  6. Bangles/Rings/Necklaces : Jamb 2020/2021 is not a fashion show, but an exam. Keep your bangles, rings or necklaces at home.
  7. Eraser : You won’t be allowed to go in with an eraser. Remove any eraser you have with you.
  8. Key Holder : If you have a key holder or car keys or any key, don’t bring it along. Keep it safe to avoid stories that touches the heart.
  9. Money : Money won’t be able to follow you into the exam hall. Find somewhere safe to keep it.

Things You Must Bring To Jamb CBT Exam Center

These items are important for you to bring to the CBT center. They include :
• An Original copy of your jamb exam slip : Bring an original copy of your utme exam slip. I advice you to keep a copy for reference purposes.
You are to give your jamb slip to the invigilator. Make sure that it is not your registration or Jamb mock exam slip. Don’t submit a photocopied one, only original.
• A Pencil : This pencil must be well sharpened. I also recommend that you  bring a pencil that has an eraser. This is because, erasers are not accepted into the CBT center.

Note that it must be a pencil, not a pen or Biro. Take note of the difference.

Don’t be accompanied by a razor blade or sharpeners along. Get it sharpened before entering the examination hall.
Get out any metals on you, before entering the examination center. The metal detector will detect it accurately on you.

Avoid Getting Into Suspended Centers

There are some jamb CBT centers that have been suspended by the board. They do not have the right to carry out any utme exam. The updated ones are :

  1. Noble & Shuaib ICT Ltd, Girls Secondary School, Alor, Anambra State.
  2. Riyom ICT Centre, former Riyom Local Govt Secretariat, Riyom, Plateau State
  3. Divine Success All CBT Centre, Km1, Along Iseyin -Ibadan Express Way Iseyin, Oyo State.
  4. Mardakem Company Ltd., Methodist Boys High School, College Road,beside Maritime
    Academy, Oron.
  5. College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, Along Igbara Odo Road, Ikere-Ekiti.
  6. Medes ICT Centre, Govt. Technical College, Idepe, Okitipupa, Ondo State.
  7. University Of Benin International ICT Centre, Iyayi Computer Building, Benin City, Edo
  8. DA Civic Centre, 79 Airport Road by Benoni Juction , Benin city, Edo State.
  9. Global ICT Connect Ltd, Km 5, Gboko Rd, Opp College of Health Sciences, Benue State
    University, Makurdi
  10. Bintels Global Services LTD.(Centre for Computer Education), Fr. Joseph Memorial High
    Sch. Aguleri, Anambra State.


What Your Jamb 2020 Exam Slip Will Contain

Your Jamb 2020/2021 CBT slip will contain :

  1. Surname.
  2. First name.
  3. Other name.
  4. Date of Birth.
  5. Gender.
  6. LGA/State.
  7. Telephone No./Email.
  8. Jamb Registration Number.
  9. 2020 Jamb Examination Number.
  10. Center Number.
  11. Seat Number.
  12. Examination Town.
  13. The examination center name.
  14. Your exam date and time.
  15. Subjects you registered in jamb 2020.
  16. Reference Number.
  17. Candidate serial number.
  18. Date it was printed.
  19. Serial number.
  20. The date submitted.

Conclusion On Jamb Rules and Regulations 2020/2021

That is everything about the jamb rules and regulations 2020. It is a vital information for every aspiring Jamb candidates.
Your biometric (Thumbprints) Verification is Compulsory at the exam center. You need to thumbprint before and after the examination.
There will be no change of UTME subjects in the examination center. You will be marked absent if you did not sit for the exam.
You will lose the right to sit for the exam, if you were marked absent.
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