Jamb 2020/2021 Syllabus : How To Use It To Pass JAMB

How to use jamb 2020/2021 syllabus is what I am going to cover in this post.
In case you don’t know, the jamb syllabus is usually updated with some topics or some topics are removed (in rare cases).
I want to show you the best way to use the jamb syllabus to pass jamb 2020 at once and score high.

Meaning Of Jamb Syllabus

The jamb syllabus is just like a small book containing topics that jamb needs you to know.
It also contains objectives to guide you while reading for the examination.
It may be in hard-copy version or soft copy version (e-book).
There are different syllabi for each subject. The syllabus for English language is clearly different from that of mathematics.
JAMB Timetable

I hope you get my point.
It is like your compass when you are preparing for jamb cbt.
The jamb syllabus can be likened to a map in the hand of a traveller.
The traveller does not have an accurate idea of how he will reach the place he is going.
In case he get lost, he will be able to find his way out with the help of the map.
The map shows where he needs to pass, if he wants to reach his destination.
So is the utme 2020/2021 syllabus.
Reading is fun.
But reading the wrong textbooks or unnecessary topics is no fun.
Via the syllabus, jamb gives you what they want from you.

Benefits Of The UTME Syllabus

1. It Is A Reading Guide : As I said before, the utme 2020 syllabus will serve as a reading guide for you. But using the syllabus does not prevent you from reading the whole textbook.
2. Increased Chance Of Passing Jamb : Using the jamb syllabus will increase your chances of scoring high in jamb 2020/2021 exam. That is only possible if you use it effectively.
3. Free Jamb Secret : In case you don’t know, let me tell you the truth. There is nothing like jamb expo or runz. All these things are scams. There is no shortcut to passing jamb excellently. Jamb gave you their secret for free by giving its candidates the syllabus used.

How To Use Jamb 2020/2021 Syllabus Effectively

1. Get The Recommended Textbooks : Don’t be mislead by wrong and unnecessary textbooks that you don’t even need. Use the textbooks that are recommended by jamb itself. These textbooks contain all the topics in the syllabus and have been thoroughly checked by the board.
2. Make Sure The Syllabus Is Up To Date : Don’t use an outdated syllabus. For example, using a syllabus of 2012 is not good. At least get the one of 2018/2019. Some topics might have been added to or removed from the syllabus.
3. Use The Jamb 2020 Syllabus Effectively : Check the objectives and make sure you meet up with them. Mark each topic as you read them, this way, you will know how far you have gone. After finishing the topics in the syllabus, you can cover the remaining topics in the textbook.

How To Download Jamb Syllabus

In case you want to download the syllabus on your phone or PC, so that you can view it offline, go to jamb website.
Check for the jamb syllabus. Click on the link and open the page to download it.


If you don’t have the syllabus, please try to get it..
This article has covered how to use the jamb 2020/2021 syllabus effectively.
Getting the jamb syllabus is one thing.
Using it effectively is another.
So, what are you going to do next?.
Are you going to let go of the syllabus?.
Or use the syllabus effectively while reading?.
Is anything missing in this article?.
Let me know, by leaving a comment below.
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