Jamb Website Is Not Opening : Reasons & Things To Do

Have you tried going to the portal and jamb website is not opening?
Well there are some reasons why the jamb portal did not open.
I will show you the main reasons why it is opening.
Not only that.
I will also give you some things you can do to make load on your device.
jamb website portal is not opening
If you are either using a smartphone, tablet  or PC to login to jamb portal, this is for everyone.
Not limited to any device.
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Some people have been asking :

Is jamb website closed, has jamb site been hacked, why can’t I login to jamb portal, the jamb website is not loading, etcetera.

Stay tuned for the real answer to your question.
I will answer all of your questions in this article.
Just read on and enjoy the article.


Reasons Why Jamb Website Is Not Opening

  1. You don’t have data : You might not have any data. When you are out of data, you can’t login to jamb portal. Data is very important, so get it.
  2. You did not turn on your data connection  : Lol, you did not turn on your data connection, and you want a site to open?. It is impossible, jamb site needs data from your end to open without problems.
  3. Jamb website is under maintenance : Jamb site is usually maintained from time to time. When it is under maintenance, the website would look like it has been closed.
  4. Your device is on flight mode : Lots of people misuse the  flight mode feature in most devices.
  5. There are lots of visitors on jamb website
  6. You are not using a good browser : Bad browsers are bad, don’t use them. Continue reading to know the best browser that you need to use to login to jamb portal without problems.
  7. The URL you typed is wrong : Using the wrong URL of jamb portal will give you errors on your browser.
  8. You have restricted the browser from using data : Restriction on data usage for the browser won’t load any site at all.
  9. The jamb portal is being updated : Maintenance is quite different from updating the jamb portal. When it is being updated with things like results, slips, etcetera, it would not open.


Things To Do When The Portal Is Not Opening


  1. Buy a data plan : Buy a data plan to get the data that you are going to use for jamb portal.
  2. Turn on your cellular data connection : Make sure your data connection is on if you want to use the utme website.
  3. Remove your device from flight mode : When your device is on flight mode, you won’t be able to receive or send messages, calls or even use data. If your device is on flight mode, remove it.
  4. Use a good browser : Don’t just use any sort of browser to login to jamb portal. I strongly recommend that you should use the chrome browser. Especially the recently updated version.
  5. Use the correct URL of jamb website : In case you don’t have any idea what a URL is, it is the same thing as link. Using the wrong link will not lead you to the utme website but lots of errors. The correct URL of jamb portal is {www.jamb.org.ng], addition or subtraction of anything in it will not open.
  6. Allow the browser to use data : Don’t restrict the browser you want to use from using cellular data connection on your device.
  7. Allow pop ups and javascript on jamb site : Jamb site uses pop ups and needs javascript to load, turn them on in your browser settings.
  8. Clear your browser cache : The stored cookies on your device may be the cause, although this happen last in rare cases. Clear it in your browser settings or better still use incognito mode in the chrome browser.
  9. Check back later : If you have tried the methods above and it is still not working. Please check back later. Have patience, it will still open, though it may take some time.


Conclusion On Jamb Portal Not Working

Jamb portal can never be hacked.
The reason why it is not opening may be due one or more of the reasons above.
Try all the techniques above to make it open.
That’s why jamb website is not opening and the things you can do to make it work.
If you have any questions about this post, or jamb website, leave a comment below.
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