Junior WAEC 2019/2020 : Actionable BECE Tips That Works

Junior waec 2019/2020 [BECE] is here and I will give you a guide on it. This post will cover up everything about it.
Your admission into the Junior Secondary School is another achievement, as you embark on your academic journey.
I received some many messages from candidates asking me questions. When is junior waec 2019 starting in Nigeria ?, what is the date ?, where is the timetable ?, is the timetable for 2019 out?.
There are many rivers to cross on this journey
and there is hardly a bridge that is not slippery.
A cautious and determined effort will see you through.
The setting in the Junior Secondary School is quite different from primary school. But the Senior Secondary School is more different than JSS.

Basic Education Certificate Examination [BECE] 2019/2020

This is the first major examination organized by the government for JSS3 students. It is an essential prerequisite to enter the Senior Secondary School.
Junior waec bece tips
It is doubtful if any student can get into SSS without fulfilling set down requirements on BECE.
For any student in the junior secondary to move into senior secondary he/she must pass : Mathematics, English language. He/she must also pass other relevant subjects that will enable him/her to go to SSS.


Students who wants to study science must must secure credit passes in : Agric. Maths, integrated science, English, into tech.
Other subjects are : PHE, French, Yoruba, home economics, Igbo, Fine Arts, business studies and social studies.


The arts students must pass English, maths at credit level. The other subjects are; home economics, PHE, Fine arts, business studies, social studies, etc.
In the senior secondary school , arts subjects are ; English, literature in English, Government, etc.
Other limiting factor on the choice of subjects is the regulation of WAEC.

Commercial Subjects

Aspiring commercial students must pass English language. They may need to pass basic science. It may not be compulsory.

English Language

This is the official language in Nigerian offices, schools, colleges and universities. It is the language most often used in schools.
The principal, vice principals and teachers address the students on the assembly in English.
It is needed for conversation and recording of meetings, conferences and seminars.
Apart from Arabic, French, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo, all other subjects are taught and examined in English.
Some, if not all the subjects mentioned above, use English Language. Some students may wonder why the study of English language and securing a good pass is important.
The answers are not farfetched as some if them have been given above.
Colonialism has imposed English on Nigeria like many other countries. English has been Nigeria’s official language for almost four decades now.
It is a language of science and technology. The world is now in computer age and a foremost language of computer is English.
After leaving the higher institution and you will still need English language.
Whatever your call : Teaching, Engineering, Medicine, etc, you will be required to write reports.
You will equally be required to read reports written by someone else and summarize them.
Anybody without a good grasp of English language will not do this efficiently and effectively.
As a student in the Junior Secondary School, you should pay attention to English in your junior waec 2019.
The demands of English language is heavier in the senior secondary school than JSS.
You should prepare yourself to tackle regular composition and summary exercises.
Of course, you should brace up for regular essay writing, essay competition, quiz, etc.
Any student who wants to excel in the learned profession must be good in English.

Integrated or basic science

This is a subject that exposes you to the basic knowledge of science. You learn more of this in physics, chemistry and biology in SSS.
Social studies : It enables you to be aware of the effects of environment on people. It lays down the foundation of economics, government, history and geography.
Introductory Technology : This subject prepares students for technical drawing in senior secondary school. It gives rudimentary knowledge of engineering subjects.


Maths is a science of size and numbers. Algebra, trigonometry and geometry are branches of mathematics.
It occupies a significant place on the school curriculum. The subject appears five times on the time table every week. Time allotted to it is in the early hours of the day.
The importance of numbers and sizes which form the bases of mathematics is well known to everyone. Farmers, traders, transporters, importers, travellers, doctors, engineers, etc, all know its importance.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

You should see your guidance counsellor for cordial discussions. Approach your mathematics teacher for advice on problems you face in the subject.
Any student in the JSS that want to study science must embrace mathematics from JS1. Even arts and commercial courses needs maths.

Home Economics

Anybody who values the prevalence of peace, harmony and happiness in home will handle home economics.
It lays the foundation for food and nutrition, as well as home management in senior secondary school.
It coordinates the three basic needs for a decent, happy and successful living.
Physical Health Education (PHE) : A sound mind can only be found in a sound body. PHE provides the techniques to help the body meet the demands of healthy living.
Hausa/Igbo/Yoruba : These are the three major Nigerian languages. You are expected to pass Nigerian language before you can collect junior waec result 2019.
French : This is a foreign language widely spoken in West Africa sub-region. Literacy in French is an advantage to those who will travel to French speaking countries.
Like English, it is a language that is studied from primary school to tertiary institutions. It is a modern language that links large areas of the world in spoken and written words.
Fine art : A student who developed interest in fine art in JSS has laid a good foundation for SSS. We cannot be all artists but we all like the work of art.
Art is useful because it helps our observation and helps us to think deeply. The books you read contain works of artists.
Drawings, moulding, paintings, carvings, sculpture are works of art. Work of art can be seen, touched and admired.

Junior waec 2019/2020 timetable out

The junior waec timetable for 2019/2020 session is out and will be posted here. Checkout the image below for Junior waec 2019/202 timetable.

This is only a part of the timetable. If the image above is not very clear for you to see, then you can download the PDF.

Conclusion On Junior WAEC 2019/2020 BECE

Although I have stressed the importance of English and maths, all other subjects are equally great.
WAEC does not have anything to do with BECE, it is only called junior waec. You will collect your result when it is out.
Make sure you print out your result, and make photocopies of it. The 2019 examination is not hard, if you read and prepare.
There is absolutely nothing like junior waec expo or runz. Everything is scam, don’t be scammed of your money.
I have explained everything about junior WAEC 2019/2020 or BECE. Feel free to drop a comment about it.
Thanks for reading, read other articles on this site before you go.
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