Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2020/2021 shortlisted-successful candidates |starting and closing date

Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2020/2021 shortlisted-successful candidates |starting and closing date
The Nigeria Customs Service is currently hiring, and according to Personal Assistant to the President of the Federation Republic of Nigeria via his Twitter account, over 3,200 job seekers will be hired before the end of the ongoing recruitment process.
The recruitment exercise has been concluded as all is now set , so, you have no reason to waste time before submitting your application form.
In case you don’t know where and how to apply for a job in the agency, this article will put you through everything you need to know.
But before unveiling the things you require for a successful application, here is a bit of information about the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)

Things To know About NCS Including History and Functions

Nigerian customs service recruitment
The Nigeria Customs Service has been in existence since 1891, carrying out anti-smuggling activities in the country.
Its major function is to ensure that illegal goods are not transported in/out of the country in an illegal manner. It is a government-owned organization that ensures that there is sanity in the goods that come into the country. It equally seize goods that are substandard or expired goods.

Requirements For A Successful Application in to the Nigerian customs service 2020/2021 recruitment

It is mandatory that you possess some criteria before your application form can be given appropriate attention by the agency. This criteria are equally referred to as the requirements for a successful application process, and they are listed below:

  1. You must be a Nigerian by birth or by parentage
  2. You must have a minimum height of 1.7m (male) and 1.64 metres f(female)
  3. You must have at least 0.87 meter chest wide, applicable to men only.
  4. You must be physically and psychologically fit, a medical report from a recognized government hospital is extremely required.
  5. Disabled personnel is ineligible for the job.
  6. A signed certificate of state of origin. This certificate must be signed by your local government chairman or secretary.
  7. You must be a law-abiding citizen without any record of criminal offenses in time past.

Five-step Guideline On How To Apply For Nigeria Customs Service 2020/2021 recruitment

Step 1: Visit the Service’s Recruitment Portal
The Customs Service application form can be accessed online and you are required to visit its recruitment portal. Click on to begin recruitment process.
Step 2: Choose Your Desired Category
There are three categories where you can submit your application. It is compulsory you choose one, depending on your qualifications. The categories are listed below:

  • Superintendent Cadre: This category consists of high-ranked personnel in the agency. Assistant superintendent of Customs and other high rank officers fall into this category.
  • Inspectorate Cadre: This category consists of mid-level officers such as the assistant inspectors of Customs.
  • Assistant Cadre: This category is the least of them all and it comprises of lowly-ranked officers. Junior officers, such as the Customs assistants, make up this category.

Step 3: Apply For Category Of Your Choice
Having seen the categories, click on “View Vacancies” under each category to apply. However, it is important you see the requirements for each category to know your eligibility status. Click on the ‘apply for this job’ button if you’re eligible.
Step 4: Create An Account
After clicking on the ‘apply for this job’ button, you will be asked to create an account on the website by filling and submitting the account creation form.
You will receive an email— from the Nigeria Customs Service — in your mailbox, asking you to complete your application registration process.
Step 5: Complete Your Application Registration and Wait For Reply From NCS
You will need to click on the link attached to the email sent to your mailbox to complete your application process. Once that’s done, you will be contacted by the NCS to inform you if your application is accepted or not.

How to Check Nigeria Customs Shortlisted Candidates PDF 2020/2021

From our last check we found out that the Nigerian customs service is yet to conclude on the list of shortlisted/successful candidates.
Note that only candidates that meet all requirements should expect their names to be on the list of shortlisted candidates.
If you can drop your comment below it will help us to get back to you immediately the names of shortlisted candidates have been uploaded online for checking.
Although you can still freely check on the Nigerian customs service recruitment page for update here
Most importantly always be checking on your mail for messages. Check the main inbox and spam for possible mails.

3 steps How to Access Custom Full Shortlisted Candidate List

First do check your mails and also follow the recommendations below :

  1. Log on to Nigerian customs service portal/website (
  2. Type your USERNAME and PASSWORD in the space provided.
  3. Click on the Verify Status button to confirm if you are selected.

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