Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) recruitment form 2018/2019 

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Do you want to serve as an officer in the non Combat service of the Nigerian Army?

You can serve in the Nigerian Army in many ways without involving in any form of combat operation or engage in any form of hostility.

Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) recruitment 2018/2019

Most Nigerians are afraid about joining the Nigerian Army why others think that joining the Nigerian Army is equivalent to signing a death warrant because of this most families hardly allow their sons and daughters to have anything to do with getting enlisted into the Nigerian Army.

The Nigeria army operation are subdivided into 2 categories : the Combat ready and the non combat. We will deal with the non combat unit of the Nigerian Armed Forces and explain their operations so that everything will be clear to you.

Non combat : this set of military personnel does not engage in or are ready to engage in any combat operation but they serves as support to the ever ready combat unit of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

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As a non combat military personnel you can engage in distribution of relief materials, serve as medical personnel, construction of roads and other infrastructure needed for smooth running of the Nigerian Military base. A non combat officer will not participate in any combat operation such as the fight against Boko Haram,keeping of external or internal peace but will provide an indirect service to those who are in the combat unit.

Serving as an officer in the non Combat service of the Nigerian army comes with a lot of pride and respect and benefit so what are you waiting for, why not seize this golden opportunity now and get enlisted into the Nigerian Army?

Possible positions in the non combat unit of the Nigerian Armed Forces

The non combat unit of the Nigerian Armed Forces is divided into several unit and they are as follows :

  • Nigerian Army Engineers
  • Nigerian Army Signals
  • Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps
  • Nigerian Army Corps of Supply and Transport.
  • Nigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Nigerian Army Medical Corps
  • Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps
  • Nigerian Army Band Corps.
  • Nigerian Army Finance Corps
  • Nigerian Army Education Corps
  • Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police
  • Directorate of Chaplain Services (Protestant).
  • Directorate of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic).
  • Directorate of Islamic Affairs.
  • Directorate of Army Public Relations.
  • Directorate of Legal Services (Army)
  • Directorate of Army Physical Training.
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Please note that the academic entry requirements differs from one unit to the other however lets focus on the general recruitment that is applicable to all unit.

  • Applicants must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Applicants must present a birth certificate or valid age declaration.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 22 to 35 years of age.
  • Applicants must Possess a minimum of first degree of not less than Second Class Lower Division from a recognized University or HND
  • Applicants must possess the compulsory National Youth Service Corps certificate.

How can i apply?

If you meet the above requirement simply log onto Logon to

You will have to purchase a one time pin code that is valued at 25,000 naira

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Note that all application are to be done online and make sure you fill in your data accordingly, at the end make sure you print your photo card because you must present it as evidence of your registration.

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