nigerian navy rank and monthly salary structure SSC &DSSC 2018

nigerian navy rank and monthly salary structure: Nigerian Navy Recruitment Salary Structure –

Salaries is a motivating factor when it comes to working with any organization be it government sector , the organized private sector or the unorganized private sector, after all the workman deserves his wages. The same applies to the Nigerian Navy which is one of the largest Navy in Africa.

The Nigeria Navy perform a lot of functions which include defending the Nigeria waterways mostly from external aggression, bandits and vandals that pose a great threat to national security.

Division of the Nigerian Navy

The Nigeria Navy is divided into commission officers and non commission officers

Commission officer: these category are involved in decision-making and leadership in the Nigeria Navy.entry requirements include a higher or university degree.

Non commission officers : this are the set of Navy who are enlisted into the Nigeria Navy with just O level results

nigerian navy rank

Ranks for Non-commissioned Navy officer

From the highest-ranking officer to the lowest.

  • – Warrant Chief Petty Officer;
  • – Chief Petty Officer;
  • – Petty Officer;
  • – Leading Rating;
  • – Able Rating;
  • – Ordinary Rating;
  • – Trainee.

Ranks for Commissioned Navy officer

From the highest-ranking officer to the lowest.

  • – Admiral of the Fleet;
  • – Admiral;
  • – Vice-Admiral;
  • – Commodore;
  • – Captain;
  • – Commander;
  • – Lieutenant Commander;
  • – Lieutenant;
  • – Sub-Lieutenant;
  • – Acting Sub-Lieutenant;
  • – Mid-Shipman.

Salary structure of the Nigerian Navy

Nigerian Naval Officers are paid in accordance to their rank, the higher the rank, the higher the pay.

How much does the Navy pay?
A Nigerian Navy officer salary is based on his/her rank. The information below does not contain the Navy pay scale of all ranking officers in the Nigerian Navy. We were only able to get information on the salaries of the high-ranking commissioned officers.
Annual salary of high-ranking commissioned officers

  • Admiral in the Nigerian Navy – ₦16,303,140;
  • Rear-Admiral earns ₦12,038,945;
  • Rear-Admiral earns ₦12,038,945
  • Commodore earns ₦7,385,856;
  • Captain earns ₦3,715,859;
  • Commander earns ₦3,380,086.

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