Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment 2020/2021-Update/ news about nigeria prison service recruitment-CDFIPB

Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment 2020/2021 Update/ news about nigeria prison service recruitment-CDFIPB
Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment 2020/2021- here is the most updated information that has to do with the Nigerian prison service recruitment for this year. If you would recall that the last recruitment witnessed about 7, 475 into the Nigerian prison service.
Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment 2020/2021 Update/ news about nigeria prison service recruitment-CDFIPB
Please note that before the Nigerian prison service recruitment takes place, first there will be approval for the recruitments from the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board.
In this article we shall be looking at the requirements, qualifications and special guidelines you need to follow before submitting your application form.

How Can I Apply for Nigeria Prisons Service 2020/2021 ?
Where can I obtain the 2020/2021 Nigeria Prisons Service form?
Is the Nigeria Prisons Service 2020/2021 Recruitment Form out?
When will Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment start?
I need Nigeria Prisons Service updates, etc.
Is Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment Real for 2020/2021 etc.

Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment 2020/2021

Nigerian prison service is one of government-owned sectors in Nigeria which serves as home for offenders in the country.
Anyone found guilty of any criminal offenses are sentenced to prison for a period of time, depending on the gravity of offense and judge’s final decision.

Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment And How To Successfully Apply

Nigeria prison service recruitment form for 2020/2021 is currently unavailable on the internet, but interested and qualified citizens are advised to be on their toes as it is expected to be out any moment from now.
While we all await the release of the form, let’s quickly reveal the requirements for a successful application, and how you can successfully submit your application.
Requirement For A Successful Application:

  1. You must be a bona-fide citizen of Nigeria. In fact, it is compulsory that your are born in the country before your application can be given strict attention.
  2. You must possess all the required academic qualifications and other important certificates. Note that each rank/position requires different academic qualifications. CLICK HERE to learn MORE about the academic qualifications requirements for each position in the organization.
  3. You must be medically and physically fit for the service. It is mandatory that you provide a medical report from a government certified hospital to back your claim.
  4. You must be a disciplined, dedicated individual who is ready to work at all times.
  5. You must be free of any criminal offences. You are automatically ineligible for the service if you’ve been convicted of any criminal offence in time past.
  6. You must fall within 18-30 age group.
  7. You must, at least, be 1.65m tall (male) and 1.60 (female)
  8. Your chest measurement must not go below 0.87. This is only applicable to men.
  9. Computer literacy is an added advantage, it is not compulsory.

Four-step Guideline On How To Apply For Nigeria Prison Service

1. Visit NPS(Nigerian Prison Service) Recruitment website
You’re expected to visit the NPS recruitment website to begin your recruitment procedures. to begin the online application processes.
2. Fill and Submit The Application Form
Having clicked on the link, you will be directed to fill the application form with up-to-date information before submitting it.
It is important to let you know that submitting more than one application automatically leads to disqualification.
3. Print Out The Referee Form
You’re are advised to print out the referee form which will be displayed on the website after submitting your application form. The referee form must be filled with genuine and up-to-date information before screening exercise takes place as you will need to take it along with you to the screening exercise.
4. Check Your Email To Confirm Your Screening Date and Location
NPS will send a message to your mailbox to inform you whether your application is accepted or not. If accepted, you will be given every information you need to know concerning your screening exercise. This information include date, time and the location.

Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment invitation for interview 2020/2021

If you have been invited for interview, here are some items you should get ready for the screening that will take place soon.

  1. Applicants mode of identification.
  2. Printed Reference slip.
  3. Originals of submitted certificates.
  4. Plain white T-Shirts, Shorts, Socks and a pair of Canvass.
  5. 2B Pencil

Functions Of The Nigeria Prison Service

The Nigerian Prisons Service are legitimately backed or supported by the Nigeria constitution to carry out some functions in the country. The functions include:

  • i. Keeping criminals in their custody
  • ii. Bringing suspects to court for judge’s final disposition.
  • iii. identifying the cause of prisoner’s anti-social behavior and others.

History of Nigeria Prison Service

The history of prison service in Nigeria can be traced back to 1861 when the first Western-type prison was created the country.
Many events have unfolded after the establishment of the first Prison in 1861, and in 1872, Broad Street prison was added to the existing type of prisons in the county. The Broad Street Prison was built in such a way that it can only contain 300 inmates.
As at 1910, there were over 10 prisons across the country. Cities like Degema, Calabar, Onitsha, Benin, Ibadan, Sapele, Jebba and Lokoja all have at least one prison Service.
Civilization continues to find its way into the Prison sector, and the first Prison regulation was launched in 1917. This regulation was created to specifically control the level of care given to inmates as it aided their dieting, clothing and overall welfare.
In the same year, Nigeria prison were ordered to add vocational training to prisoner’s activities. However, it was only a few prisons that responded to the directives.
After many considerations, Lokoja and Abuja prison abducted the policy in 1926 as they give inmates the opportunity to learn vocational jobs that will serve as source of livelihood when they regain their freedom.
There are over 177 prisons services, including 83 satellite prisons, scattered across the country as of the time of this article. In terms of manpower or prison workers, thousands of graduates and undergraduates are hired into the sector on a regular basis.
This is why there are medical, environmental health, sociologists/psychologists, lawyers, general administrators and engineers among the prison workers.

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