NNPC Recruitment 2020/2021 and Latest Application Update-www.nnpcgroup.com/careers/vacancies.aspx|

NNPC Recruitment 2020/2021 and Latest Application Update-www.nnpcgroup.com/careers/vacancies.aspx|

The National Petroleum Corporation recruitment registration form is here again free of charge. Let’s show you how to apply now.


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is a state-owned enterprise established by the federal government of Nigeria to regulate and manage the country’s oil and gas industry. NNPC was founded 42 years ago in April 1977 as a merger of the former Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel and the Nigerian National Oil Corporation. It is through this oil corporation the federal government not only participates in Nigeria’s petroleum industry but formulates relevant policies.

By law, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is responsible for managing the joint venture between the Nigerian Federal government and the numerous foreign multinational oil companies including Texaco, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, AGIP, and even Total S.A. also, the corporation operations are managed through strategic Business and Corporate Service Units (SBUs/CSUs) in numerous locations across the country.

NNPC has its headquarters in the Federal Captial Territory of Nigeria, Abuja and is headed the Group Managing Director, Mele Kyari. The NNPC is proudly under the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) which is in turn under the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources. Among the products produced by NNPC is crude oil, gas, and petrochemicals.

On NNPC recruitment, the oil corporation runs a brilliant scheme where the recruitment of new employees is carried out yearly.

NNPC Job recruitment Requirements 2020/2021

Every job opportunity in all sectors of the economy has a description and requirements hence NNPC isn’t an exception. Before you can land that dream job in NNPC you should be able to meet the following requirements :

  • As an Applicant, you must be a Nigerian Citizen by birth or descent as this is the laid down procedure.
  • Applicant must not be less than 35 years of Age, if you are above this, your application might not scale through.
  • Just be physically and mentally fit because no applicant should be suffering from any form of mental or physical Stress.
  • Sight Problem
  • Hearing Difficulties
  • Fracture, Stammering or any other natural disability.

How to Apply for Nnpc recruitment 2019/2020 form?

We are going to update this page immediately the form is out.

NNPC application is online.
Only successful candidate will be notified about the next stage of the screening.
NPPC recruitment form is free.

What are the Functions of the NNPC?

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is charged by law to function in the following areas below.

  1. To explore, acquire, posses and dispose petroleum, its products and derivatives.
  2. Refining, treating, processing, and handling of petroleum for the manufacture and production of petroleum products and its derivatives.
  3. Purchasing and marketing petroleum, its products and derivatives.
  4. Providing and operating pipelines, tanker-ships or other facilities for the carriage or conveyance of petroleum, its products, and derivatives.
  5. Constructing, equipping and maintaining tank farms and other facilities for the handling and treatment of petroleum and its products and derivatives.
  6. Carrying out research in connection with petroleum or anything derived from it and promoting activities for the purpose of turning to account the results of such research.
  7. Doing anything required in securing the participation of the government or the corporation in activities connected with petroleum.
  8. Engaging in activities that would enhance the petroleum industry in the overall interest of Nigeria.
  9. Undertaking other activities that are necessary or expedient for taking full responsibility of the functions above.

What is the Strength of the NNPC?

The strength of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is in its staff number and the efficient operation of its smaller companies. NNPC staff strength is estimated at over 30,000 all employed under its smaller subsidiary companies.

What is the Primary Role of the NNPC?

The primary role of NNPC is drawn from the mission of NNPC “adding value, as an integrated Oil and Gas Company, to the nation’s hydrocarbon resources for the benefit of all Nigerians and other stakeholders,” and the vision of the corporation “will be a world class oil and gas company driven by shared commitment to excellence.”

On this note, the primary role of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporations is centered on upstream and downstream development while ensuring the efficient exploiting, refining, and marketing of Nigeria’s crude oil.

Monthly Salary of the NNPC

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation salary structure is designed to be based on rank of employees, locations, job specification, and the department they work under. The NNPC board members, managing directors, geo scientists, and petroleum engineers are reputed to earn the most at NNPC.

According to levels the estimated salaries of NNPC workers include;

Board Members –

Managers –

Senior Staffs –

Graduate Trainee/ Entry Level/ Fresh Graduates-

Interns –

What are the Branches of the NNPC?

The NNPC like other federal government corporation has seven branches also known as operational units to ensure efficient management of the corporations. The seven branches are classified under two major units which include;

  1. Autonomous Business Unit.
  • Refining Company
  • Upstream Company
  • Gas and Power Company
  • Downstream Company.
  • Ventures Company.
  1. Corporate Services Unit.
  • Corporate Services.
  • Finance and Accounts.

These units are headed by a Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Before the decentralization of NNPC, the corporation had various subsidiaries. These subsidiaries were classified under the Strategic Business and Corporate Services Units (SBUs/CSUs). They include the following below;

  1. Government and Labour Relations.
  2. National Petroleum Investment and Management Services.
  3. Renewable Energy/Frontiers Exploration.
  4. Group Public Affairs Relation.
  5. Crude Oil Managing Division.
  6. Marine Logistics.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility.
  8. Corporate Secretariat, Legal Division.
  9. Treasury.
  10. NNPC Capital.
  11. Information Technology Division/SAP.
  12. Engineering and Technology.
  13. NNPC Medical Services.
  14. Liabilities Management.
  15. NNPC Leadership Academy
  16. Group Human Resources Division.

After the decentralization NNPC, these subsidiaries above were divided into smaller companies which include;

  • Duke Oil.
  • Integrated Data Services Ltd (IDSL).
  • Hyson.
  • Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Co. Ltd (KRPC).
  • National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS).
  • National Engineering and Technical Co. Ltd (NETC).
  • Nigerian Gas Co. (NGC).
  • Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NIPEX).
  • NNPC Pensions Ltd.
  • NNPC Retail.
  • Nigerian Petroleum Development Co. (NPDC).
  • Port Harcourt Refining Co. Ltd. (PHRC).
  • Products and Pipelines Marketing Co. (PPMC).
  • Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (WRPC)

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