NPower Recruitment 2020/2021 Application Form Portal – Latest Updates

NPower Recruitment 2020/2021 Application Form Portal – Latest Updates
In this article we shall be looking at the most vital information about Npower recruitment that will be of help to aspiring applicants who want to apply for the 2020/2021 NPower Recruitment batch.
Hence if you are passionate about your country and also want to improve on your existing career skills while contributing your quota to nation building here is the opportunity for you to fulfil your dream.

Npower recruitment 2020/2021:

N-Power Programme is a Federal Government programme that aimed to reduce youth unemployment, hence this programme can be best describes as the Federal Government’s policies in the economic, employment and social development arenas.
It is of the opinion of The federal government that the best way to diversify the economy is by engaging a large percentage of the youth in something meaningful.
Right now there is massive unemployment in Nigeria with millions of youth still struggling for placement. The federal government has decided to put up measure to alleviation the excruciating effect of unemployment by further employing more Nigerian.

Note: Npower scheme as a poverty alleviation scheme does not give preference to anyone based on political party loyalty or religion and ethnic groups.

Category of Npower recruitment 2020/2021

  • Npower Teach
  • Npower Agro
  • Npower Tax
  • Npower Build
  • Npower Knowledge

N-POWER HEALTH Recruitment 2020/2021

When you talk about the provision of preventive healthcare which is necessary for human existence then you talk about N-POWER HEALTH. Needless to say, Applicants here needs to possess a degree certificate from reputable institution.

N-POWER TAX Recruitment 2020/2021:

Community Tax Liaison Officers will be appointed or recruited to work hand in hand with the already existing federal inland revenue. It is said in some corner that applicant here will be absorb into the FIRS.

Npower Build (N-BUILD) 2020/2021 Recruitment

Applicant here should get ready to learn the following skills while also receiving monthly Stipend :

  • Masonry and tilling
  • Automobile
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Hospitality
  • Agric tech
  • Plumbing and pipe fitting
  • Electrical installation

Npower Teach recruitment 2020/2021 :

This is the most popular of all, if you have the ability to impact knowledge into students in secondary or primary schools here comes the right category for you.

Npower Recruitment 2019 General Requirements:

  1. First you need to be unemployed as those who are gainfully employed either on full-time or part-time basis are not allowed to apply.
  • Npower application form is only available to just Nigerians only. No foreign national is allowed to apply.
  • Npower applicant need only be 18 years at least to something 35 years above. Hence does your age falls between this bracket? You can apply. S
  • You must be ready to move out from your comfort zone to any location you are posted within your state.
  • Having a means of identification will also enhance your prospects.
  • Having an O level result or a degree certificate will go a long way to help.
  • Detail-oriented
  • Analytical
  • Bank verification number (BVN)
  • Valid phone number
  • Accessible Email address

How to Apply for Npower Recruitment 2020/2021

If you want to apply for any of Npower recruitment position that fits your requirements then you need to visit to kick start your application.

  • The page should opens up, selecting a category from the following should be the next thing : N-power Knowledge, N-power Volunteer corps and N-power build..
  • Locate the “Apply Now” link and click on it.
  • You need an email address and also need to supply the necessary personal information on the application page.
  • Note that you will be given an “NPower registration Number” which you should keep safe or get them saved up on your email because you will need it for follow up.

What next after applying online?

After applying expect an Aptitude tests that should come up in a few months or maybe weeks. Remember that not everyone will be recruited, only those whose performances are exceptional will be consider.
physical verification center will provided for you guys where your credentials shall Be look into hence, get your birth certificates, School Leaving Certificates, state of origin , etc ready.

Note: Npower recruitment remains free of charge Irrespective of the category you are applying from. The federal government can’t charge money for application forms because the program was first conceived on the basis of poverty alleviation.

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