NYSC SENATE LIST- Mobilization list for all institutions 2020/2021- Check Batch B and Batch C list

NYSC SENATE LIST- Mobilization list for all institutions 2020/2021- Check Batch B and Batch C list

When will the NYSC SENATE list be out? I want to check the NYSC SENATE LIS: if you have ever ask such questions this post is for you.

You want to find out if your name is among those who will be going for service in the next NYSC Mobilization batch? If yes then let’s guide you through the process.

The NYSC SENATE list is a compilation of those who have been cleared by their respective institutions  to be mobilized for National Youth Service.

NYSC SENATE LIST – Mobilization list 2020/2021:

Uploading of names  of prospective Corp members on the NYSC server is a continuous process done on yearly basis for various batch ( A,B and C) hence you are all advise to check if your name is on the list.

Note: only those whose name is on the NYSC senate list can register successfully online. If you didn’t see your name on the senate list all you have to do is to keep checking.

NYSC SENATE LIST 2020 – how to check your name:

Here comes the tutorial on how to check your name on the NYSC Mobilization list  for 2020/2021.

Note: you can check or perform this task using your mobile device or you laptop ; just ensure that there is data and it is connected to the Internet.

NYSC SENATE LIST- Mobilization list for all institutions - Check Batch B and Batch C list


What next after seeing my name on NYSC SENATE list?

Now that you have seen your name on the list, you have to wait for NYSC to open their portal for registration. Once the portal is open you should try your best to register on time.
Note that if you fail to register on time you will be left with few states to choose from.

Before commencing your registration we will advise you to get a separate email address that is functional and also a reachable (GSM) telephone numbers as this will help you get along with the registration.

When registering as a Nigerian graduate you are expected to make use of your personal matriculation number given to you in your institution. Those who graduated from foreign institutions should ensure their school is accredited.

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