How To Pass Jamb 2020/2021 & Score Above 300 [Jamb Cheat Sheet]

Many utme candidates don’t know how to pass jamb excellently at once in 2020. Today , i will show you how to do that successfully and score higher than 300.
If you want to pass jamb utme 2020, read this.
Note : You would not find these top jamb secrets elsewhere. Nobody will tell you about them, but I am going to explain everything to you.
Have you ever heard of someone scoring higher than 300 in jamb? What do you think about that when you hear it?
Of course you also want to get a better result than that. I know that very well. Nobody wants to fail in jamb 2020/2021.
Let’s  get started.
But come to think about it. They are humans as you are, not a different organism. These people  don’t have two heads, but one as you have.
They are not really different from you, but they passed the exam. You can also do the same and even better than them.
Look :
I am going to give you the tips, steps and tricks to pass jamb 2020. You need to do your own part by implementing them. Take these things into reality.
Don’t be lazy, you need to buckle up your academics seat belt. Jamb cbt examination is not a child’s play.
People who pass jamb successfully at once only worked for it. You can’t enjoy something you didn’t work for.
You will see the jamb secrets that I am going to show to you. Read on to get it straight.

Things You Will Need To Pass Jamb 2020 Successfully


  • Jamb 2020/2021 syllabus : This is very important for every jamb candidates in 2020. You will get the syllabus right after you have registered fully for jamb 2020.
  • Jamb recommended textbooks for 2020 : If you don’t know what these are, I will explain. These are the textbooks that jamb recommended to its candidates to read. Jamb knew that these recommended textbooks will help you pass jamb easily.
  • Jamb past questions  : Jamb past questions are very important. Do you know how important these books are?  I guess no. Get your jamb past questions. They are not really expensive. Maybe ₦450 – ₦600 at bookshops..
  • Consistent Reading and Hardwork : If you fail to prepare, you may just be preparing to fail. I know you are not going to fail in jamb 2020. Read consistently and work harder.
  • Prayer and Fasting : If you are a Christian, Muslim or whatsoever religion, you need this. You need to pray and fast. Don’t fast without praying, that’s just hunger strike.
  • A very good dictionary : You really need very good dictionary if you want to pass jamb English in 2020. English is really wide and complex. Although you can’t cram everything in the dictionary. You could still learn new words and vocabularies.
  • A timer or stopwatch :  Jamb gives you time, and there is no break time. My advice for you is to get a stopwatch. Use it to set time when solving past questions.


How To Pass Jamb 2020 and Score Above 300

  1. Make sure you have the things to excel.
  2. Start reading and preparation early.
  3. Don’t neglect the jamb syllabus.
  4. Use the jamb recommended textbooks.
  5. Get to know how the jamb exam works.
  6. Know how to use the jamb cbt computer.
  7. Make good use of jamb past questions.
  8. Be updated with every jamb 2020 news.
  9. Manage your time wisely.
  10. Jamb expo – run away from it.
  11. Stay away from distractions and concentrate.
  12. Understand jamb rules and regulations.
  13. You can do it.
  14. Round it up with prayers and fasting.

Make sure you have the things to pass jamb

I have mentioned above the things you need to pass jamb 2020. If you skipped it, please go back to check it out.
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These things are necessary and compulsory if you really want to pass jamb utme and gain admission in 2020.
I am going to show you how to make use of these things wisely for your own advantage.
I used them all and they helped me meet my aim – to pass jamb at once.
Even if it will cost you some money to buy some of these things, please try to do that.
Sacrifice the money for the jamb score that you want to get in 2020.
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Note : Don’t just get some of these things without making use of them. Use them very well because you paid for them, don’t let your money waste.

Start reading and preparation early

If you have waited for jamb to be near before you start reading, listen. You can’t just stay idle without reading when jamb is at your doorstep.
Some people will even wait until when jamb is in two weeks or one week time.
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Act fast and start reading and preparation for jamb as early as possible. Another thing to note is that, even if they postponed jamb date, you don’t need to angry. Instead you should be very happy.
Do you know why you should be happy?. Jamb gave you more time to read. Make good use of it.  Don’t misuse it and play off with the time given to you.
Don’t give excuses that won’t come up if you fail jamb. Start reading and preparation for jamb 2020/21 early.
A proverb says :

the early bird gets the best or biggest worm.

The earlier you start reading, the better it gets for you to pass jamb 2020. That proverb really explained everything for you.

Don’t neglect the jamb syllabus

The jamb 2020 syllabus contains everything you need to read for jamb. It consist of all the topics that you need to read in order to excel in utme 2020/2021.
It is a compilation of all the topics that you need to cover so that you can pass jamb. It also contains the objectives that jamb expects from you.
Isn’t it cool?  I know it is, this jamb syllabus should be used wisely for your own advantage.
Jamb only needs you to read your books the topics in the jamb syllabus, understand it and reproduce it back by answering the jamb questions.
The jamb syllabus is always updated with new topics and objectives. Don’t use an outdated jamb syllabus in 2020 if you want to pass jamb.
In fact, after you have finished the topics in the jamb syllabus, cover the remaining ones in the textbook.
Read the textbook finish, from back to back. Make sure you understand everything you read and also revise.
Don’t cram things, understand them, understand the principles behind them.
Cramming is not good for jamb cbt examination. Don’t use it, thinking it will work, it won’t. It can’t help you pass jamb at all.

Use the jamb recommended textbooks

Jamb officially recommended some textbooks to its candidates. These books have been reviewed by the board and they seem to be the best to read for jamb 2020.
These textbooks are the jamb recommended textbooks. Just get at least one of them in each subject to pass jamb. That means you need at four of these textbooks in total for your four subjects in utme 2020.
For example, if you want to pass English in jamb, you can read ; the invisible teacher, A-Z of jamb use of English, the silent teacher, etcetera. Apart from having a very good dictionary, you need them.
As a science, art or commercial student, you need to read these textbooks if you want to pass jamb excellently.

Get to know how the jamb exam works

A doctor understands very well how the human body works.  The same goes to you.
Try to understand the way jamb works. Think in the same way as jamb thinks.
Everything jamb candidate must know how the jamb exam works.  You need to learn more about it.
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Get the experience from people that have passed jamb successfully. I am also giving my experience in this article.
In case you don’t know, experience matters. If you learnt a mistake from someone, you won’t make that mistake in your jamb cbt examination.

Know how to use the jamb cbt computer

It is not really compulsory  that you are a computer literate. But it is necessary that you have an idea on how to use it.
More than 55% of jamb candidates don’t know how to use the jamb computer. They don’t just get it. If likely you are one of them, i have good news for you.
The good news is that I have created a guide that teaches you how to use the jamb computer. It covers how to use the keyboard, mouse and calculator.
It also covers how to start the jamb cbt exam, how to submit and how to answer jamb 2020 questions.
Check out the greatest guide to use computer in jamb and gain more knowledge on it.
The computer is not really hard as you think it is. You just need the basic knowledge of how to use it.
This doesn’t mean that you should pay ₦20,000 to learn computer all in the name of jamb. No, you may learn it,  pay money and still don’t understand a dime about it.

Make good use of jamb past questions

They are not expensive but very effective. Jamb past questions reveals some jamb secrets that can help you to pass jamb.
It shows you how jamb questions are. How jamb sets their questions. How hard or simple jamb questions are….etcetera.
Most of the time jamb repeat some  questions from the jamb past questions.
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The jamb past questions contains the jamb questions and answers 1978 till date. Get one at your nearest bookshop. Don’t purchase a fake past question.
A good jamb past questions book has the following features :

  1. It has a table of content.
  2. The past questions are typed in a font that is legible enough.
  3. It has answers or solutions to each question.
  4. All the question are there (apart from year 1996 questions).
  5. The answers or solutions are compiled by experienced teachers or examiners who are specialists in the subject of the jamb past question.
  6. It has each year labelled or in bold.

Note that in the year 1996,  jamb was not conducted. The reason why I am telling you this, is because you may think it’s fake due to the absence of year 1996.
Although people sell jamb past questions online, I don’t advice you buy that. Get the hard copy,  not a PDF file or soft copy.
It can never be as like an hard copy book that you can carry around, etcetera…

Be updated with every jamb 2020 news

That is why we are always there for you. Elearnpro gives you any latest update on jamb 2020/2021.
That is the reason I always lay emphasis on subscribing. It’s totally free,  you just need to enter your email address,  click subscribe and verify.

When you are not informed, you will be deformed.

You can also join some facebook groups that get you updated about jamb. Note that there will always be rumours,  just get the right information jamb.

Manage your time wisely

Do you know why I said you should have a stopwatch or timer?. I am sure you don’t know. I will explain everything for you.
Time is usually wasted in the same way every day. That’s why you need to develop a plan on how to manage that little time you have if you want to pass jamb.
Jamb gives you 120 minutes,  about 2 hours to finish up 180 questions. 60 questions from English language. The other subjects have 40 questions each.
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What to do after jamb
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You may have it in mind that this time is too much since it is objective questions.
That’s not true, until you get into the examination hall and see how each minute is precious to you.

Don’t waste your time, it is precious.

I advice you to be very fast and at the same time be correct and pick the right answers.
As for the timer or stopwatch,  use it to set a time for yourself. You should do this while solving jamb past questions.
I recommend you spend 90 minutes or less on all the four subjects. Learn how to save time. The thing is that, when you have more time, you can go back to check what you have done.
Review your answers before submitting your exam.  Don’t be in a hurry, calm down and answer the questions.

Jamb expo – run away from it

If you don’t know what jamb expo or runz is,  let me explain. It is a form of examination malpractice that you will be scammed.
The scammers will tell you to pay for jamb expo and they will send you answers. It is hundred percent fake and scam.
You can never use this to pass jamb and score more than 300.
Let me show this jamb secret to you. Jamb suspends CBT centers that try to engage in jamb expo. Am very sure you don’t want that to you.
It is likely to affect the jamb candidates that sat for their exam there. Their jamb result may not be released on jamb portal.
Wherever you hear of jamb runz, just run away from it.
There is nothing like jamb expo in the examination. You will only be scammed of your hard-earned money.

Stay away from distractions and concentrate

I know you can’t do without logging in to your social media accounts each day. Do you know that they are distracting you from reading ?.
I guess you don’t know that. If you knew, you would have left them for sometime.
Am not saying that you should delete your social media accounts. I also did not criticize social media platforms. They are good, just that getting addicted to them is bad.
Distractions will not allow you to pass jamb 2020 CBT.
Just put off that TV, Music, etcetera  before you read. There is no way that you would not be distracted.
Even your friends can be a distraction for you and can make you not to have time to read your books. Know the type of friends you keep.
Your peers can influence you, positively or negatively, it depends on the type of friends you have.
Things that could distract you during jamb 2020 preparation are :

  • Television.
  • Music.
  • Movies.
  • Sports.
  • Social Media.
  • Peer influence.
  • Games… Etcetera.

You may login to your facebook account once in a while to get updated about jamb. It may also be because you want to brainstorm. Just don’t waste your time there too much.

Understand jamb rules and regulations

Jamb also has its do ‘s and don’t ‘s. You need to understand the rules and regulations of jamb in 2020.
Don’t break these rules,  the punishments are not looking friendly. I know they are hard to follow, endure and abide by them.
It’s simple, if you want to pass utme exam, don’t break the rules.
The things that are not allowed in the examination hall should be left outside. Bring all the compulsory things you need in the jamb cbt hall. These rules are much, let me just stop there.
I am sure that by now you know what rules and regulations are.
You should also know the punishment for when a candidate does not abide by them.

You can pass jamb

Who said you can never succeed in jamb 2020? Please don’t mind what they say.
All you need to do is to follow these steps and prove them wrong. You need to show them that you are not a failure but a success.
You can truly pass utme 2020/2021 at once. But note that you can never pass jamb without reading.
There is a potential in you to score high and pass jamb successfully. You just need to work it out. Just like the way a bodybuilder work hard to get more muscles than ever before.
Have faith in yourself and in what you do. If you have any problems with any questions. Find someone to help you out or use Google.

Round it up with prayers and fasting

Do you have any idea why prayer and fasting goes along well?. Read up your religious books to know about that.  Not to be derailed off the main topic, let’s continue.

As a Christian,  you should pray at least thrice daily and do this regularly. Also read the Bible every day for guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
Prayers in combination with fasting works wonders. If you don’t know how to pray, find someone who could teach you.
It’s not a must that you fast,  because fasting is not for everyone. But prayer and fasting go hand in hand.
Don’t pray or fast without preparing for the examination at the same time.
You can’t pray to God to help you pass jamb in 2020 and don’t read your books. It is like planting a rock in the soil,  it can never grow, or bring forth fruit.
In addition to this, please and please don’t do without reading your religious books as you read your textbooks. They work wonders and act as guides for you.
As I said before, don’t think only religiously, think on how to cover the topics in the jamb syllabus.

Conclusion On How To Score High In Jamb 2020

I have completely showed you the ways to pass jamb 2020/2021. With these steps and tips,  I believe you would have an excellent result.
The main purpose for the existence of jamb is for you to gain admission into any Nigerian institutions. It may be universities, polytechnics, college of education or innovative institutes.
Jamb gives you what you need to pass the exam, you only need to make use of them.
If you know that you just skimmed through everything. I advice you to go back and read them.
Feel free to leave a comment about this guide, I will be so glad to hear from you, how this guide is.
If you also have any questions, drop them,  I will answer them all.
Am sure that you are going to pass jamb this year and gain admission simultaneously.
Don’t be the only one to enjoy this awesome article. Share it with your friends and other aspiring jamb candidates for utme 2020.
Also don’t forget to subscribe to get more of this for free. It won’t take much of your time. Just enter your email address, click subscribe and verify.

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