How To Pass Jamb Physics 2020/2021 With Ease

Well, in this post, I am going to show you how to pass JAMB physics 2020/2021 in some easy steps.
Physics might seem to be hard but you really need to know how to pass jamb physics.

In this article, I am going to show you the complete steps to pass physics in jamb 2020/2021.
These are the top secrets that nobody will show to you.

Note : You don’t need any form of expo to pass physics in utme.
This is for the science students. Arts and commercial students don’t sit for physics in jamb cbt examination.
All engineering courses requires physics if you want to study them.

Almost all science course in Nigeria needs physics if you want to study them.
Even medical courses will need physics in your results.

If you understand the importance of physics, you will definitely need this article.
In order to know how to pass JAMB physics, there are certain things you must know and steps to follow.

How To Pass Jamb Physics In 2020 Easily

U can’t just score high in physics without having the necessary things that you need.

Success does not come easy and nothing good comes free.

1. The Jamb 2020 syllabus for physics – How to pass JAMB physics

I have always said this in all my posts pertaining to pass examinations excellently.
Syllabus are like a bus that transports you to your main destination easily. And your destination is getting a high score in physics.
Even if you don’t have other subjects syllabus, you need this one.
Get a physics syllabus to use, make sure it is the jamb 2020/2021 syllabus.
Syllabus changes sometimes every year, new topics might be added.
You can download it online or find it in your area, some people have it and may borrow you.
If you can also buy it at your nearest bookshop, you can do so.
Just that I have never seen it in any bookshop.
The syllabus contains all the topic that you need to read in your physics textbooks.

2. Jamb phyiscs past questions – How to pass JAMB physics

The physics past questions for jamb is very important if you want to get some high marks in physics.
The past questions is very cheap and you can purchase it at your nearest bookshop.
It should be sold between four hundred and fifty naira and six hundred naira (₦450 – ₦600).
Make sure the past questions came along with the questions.

3. Good physics textbooks – How to pass JAMB physics

Some physics textbooks are just too boring too read.
They don’t make reading be an habit, it slows down our desire to read.
Get a jamb recommended textbook for physics in 2020.
Some textbooks take physics to an extreme end.
Advanced textbooks are not useful for jamb.
I have tested lamlad phyiscs and it seems to work like magic.
Note – I don’t have the PDF file of lamlad textbook.
Essential physics textbook has been criticized for a lot of typographical and calculation errors.
But essential physics is still a good textbook, it is cheap and good to read.
But you could still read them after jamb.
You will still meet those advanced physics topics when you get to 100 level in the university or ND 1 in the polytechnic.

4. Prayer – How to pass JAMB physics

Do you really think that any good thing comes without the help of God ?.
If you said yes, then you need to put away with that mentality of success without God’s help.
If you have ever came across someone that scored very high in jamb, ask them for their secrets for the success.
Everyone will always add prayer.
It’s the best key to divine assistance.

5. Hardwork – How to pass JAMB physics

You need hardwork in form of reading, meditation and prayer.
You need to read your physics textbook finish and still do revisions.
You can not get that high score that you want in your physics if you don’t know work hard.

6. Working Sheets – How to pass JAMB physics

Get some working sheets ready for some calculations. Physics has so much calculations in its questions, especially in jamb.

7. Manage Time – How to pass JAMB physics

Use your time efficiently and effectively to get things done without stress.
As a physics student  you must have learned about time and other things connected to time.
Remember 90% of your physics questions in jamb 2020 are going to be calculations.
So how can you manage the small time given to you by jamb and still finish up in time?.
Is this possible?, yes it is.
Just manage your time wisely, time is money
I will suggest that you should use a timer when solving jamb past questions.
When you are reading, you don’t need to use a timer.
But one thing is very sure.
Jamb will always use a timer during the cbt examination.
The time allotted to you might not be really enough to finish all the physics questions.
Remember that you are going to answer forty (40) physics questions and more than 90% of these questions are calculations.

8. Brainstorm With Other – How to pass JAMB physics

If you have ever been in any brainstorming group, then you will easily understand what I am trying to pass through here.
Connect with jamb candidates that also need physics in their respective courses.
Solve physics questions together and learn together.
Studying in groups have been an effective method to prepare for exams.
Tell them about it, before you start, so that it won’t be boring.


Don’t think that physics is a little bit difficult for you to solve it answer.
Think of what you have not done in order to improve in your physics cbt preparations.
This article has covered all the tips and tricks that you need to know if you want to prepare and pass physics in utme.
With these tips you can easily smash utme 2020 into pieces.
Preparation is the determiner, if you will either pass or fail.
The decision is yours and the ball is your court.
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So, what are you going to do now?.
What is the first step you are going to take?.
Which of the tips above will you first apply?.
Drop your answers in the comments box below.
Have any questions for me?.
Feel free to leave a comment below also.
I believe this article has been helpful to you in one way or the other.
Please share it with your friends, so that they can also enjoy it as you did. That is how to pass JAMB physics examination.

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