How To Pass Waec 2020/2021 In One Sitting Without Stress /timetable

Please, how do I pass waec in one sitting?,  how can I pass waec without stress ?, is gce harder than waec?, can I get straight a ‘s in waec?…..
Recently, I have been receiving a lot of questions like this.Have you ever read of any news, saying someone got straight a ‘s in waec?.
What comes into your mind after seeing or hearing this?.
You also want to pass waec without expo, right?.
That is why I created this definitive guide for all waec 2020 candidates.

Now the main purpose of this post is to guide you on how to successfully pass waec in one sitting.
These are the good grades : A1, B2, B3, C4, C5 and C6, with “C6” being the least of the good grades in WAEC.
In order to be able to register for JAMB or any A’ level programmes, you need to have at least a credit (C4, C5 or C6) in both English and mathematics.
It is of no use if you had good grades in eight subjects and having a pass (D7, E8) or a fail (F9) in English or maybe Mathematics.
These subjects are very important.
This does not literally mean that the remaining subjects are of less importance than English and mathematics, no, it just means that you have to have a good grade in all the subjects that you sat for in the examination.

We all know that nine (9) subjects are to be taken when registering for the examination in which English and mathematics are compulsory for all departments, be it science, arts or commercial.
Every WAEC candidates wish and aspire to excellently pass waec with ease at once, but only few of these people take the right steps to get a good grade in their results.
Today I will like to show you everything that you need to pass waec examination in 2020..
These things are top secrets and no one will tell you about them.
If you really want to get straight a ‘s in this 2020 waec examination, you need to read this.
These tips are legit (tested and working).
I will also give answer these questions 

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  • how to pass waec with ease
  • how to pass wassce 2020
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  • how to pass wassce with ease
  • how to pass waec gce exam

I used them to pass waec examination at once without stress.
Reading this article alone will not do the work, you need to put these things to work.
All the questions above will be answered in this post.
Related questions will also be answered.
Am sure that you will be very happy after checking your waec 2020 results.
I will be glad to hear from you, after checking your waec result.

 Things You Need To Pass Waec 2020/2021 Exam

  1. Waec 2020 syllabus : The waec syllabus is like a map to every candidates. You can’t expect to pass  waec without using the syllabus. It shows you the topics that you should read and focus on. If you don’t have it, download it online.
  2. Waec 2020/2021 recommended textbooks : Use the best textbooks to prepare for waec 2020..
  3. Calculator : Waec is going to give you a kapek calculator. They will give you for free. But before this comes, I advice you to get your own calculator. You will need it to solve some questions that requires calculations.
  4. Mathematical Set : You may need a mathematical set. You may need it for construction in mathematics or any other subjects. Although the waec kapek calculator comes with a mathematical set, get your personal own.
  5. Dictionary :  You really need at least a credit in waec English. If you want to pass English language in waec 2020, get a good dictionary. Only a dictionary won’t help, also have a good textbook.
  6. Waec past questions : These are very cheap but effective tools. Waec past questions shows you how waec sets it’s questions.
  7. Waec practical books [For science students] : As a science student, you should have your practical books for waec. Purchase them and use them efficiently for your success in wassce 2020/2021.
  8. Prayer and faith : Pray all the time to pass waec 2020. You also need to believe that you can do it.
  9. Reading and Concentration : You need to read for waec 2020. Don’t just read, read hard and smart. You have to cultivate the habit of reading and concentration.

How To Pass Waec In One Sitting [2020 Update]

  1. Get all the things you need to pass waec examination.
  2. Dedicate your time to reading.
  3. Flee away from waec 2020 expo.
  4. Device a plan to excel in waec 2020/2021.
  5. Use your time wisely.
  6. Concentrate and desist from distractions.
  7. Test yourself with waec past questions.
  8. Make use of the waec syllabus.
  9. Prayer is the key.
  10. Be up to date with any latest news about waec 2020/2021 exam.
  11. Improve your handwriting.
  12. Interact with intelligent people.
  13. Target a particular grade.
  14. Always follow the instructions on your question paper.
  15. Proofread your exam scripts before submitting.

Get all the things you need to pass waec exams

Now you know what and what you need to pass waec 2020.
The next thing for you to do is to get them.
It is not really necessary that you have all these things.
For example, you may not even need the waec practical books.
You might even have most of these things with you, such as;  calculator, dictionary, etcetera…
Don’t stress yourself out if you have them with you.
If you don’t have the waec past questions, please buy it.
You can find it at your nearest bookshop at a low price.
Don’t buy fake or outdated things, check it very well before you pay.

Dedicate your time to reading

Waec might be really harder than gce.
But to me, every examination is the same other exam.
Non is harder than the other.
It all comes down to your readiness and how much you have read.

If you don’t read, get ready to breed failure.

If you are the type of person that is a professional in cramming. I would love to tell you that, waec doesn’t need cramming.
If you need to pass waec exams at once, then you need to read.
Read only textbooks that you can easily understand.

Generally textbooks with lots of pictures in it, have a great tendency to be easily read and understood.
Avoid textbooks that are more complex than your level like advanced level textbooks (A’ level).
These type of textbooks are of no use to you.
WAEC can never ask you something that is not in the syllabus.
Note that WAEC is an ordinary level exam, not an advanced level exam.
Don’t get me wrong, when I said reading, I didn’t mean novels, stories, newspapers, etcetera…
Read your textbooks very well. Give most of your time to reading.
You should not just read for the sake of reading.
Read with a burning passion to pass waec in one sitting without stress.

As a matter of fact,  the quality of your preparation will determine the level of your manifestation (success in waec).
The level of preparation you put into a thing determines the degree of success that will be attained.
No matter how brilliant you are, reading is not an option but a must.
There is no substitute or alternative for reading.
For the science stuents, you are going to do practical in some of your subjects in WAEC.
To this end, get practical textbooks so as to help you maximize your marks in WAEC and pass waec in flying colors.
This is because the practical part of the examination carries most of the marks and is very important.
If you find a particular topic or subject boring or if it is too hard for you to read and understand, focus more on that topic or subject and strengthen your weakness.
One very important fact you must know, is that no one can read for you.
No one else can prepare for waec on your behalf.
Reading is a personal responsibility if you really want to get straight a ‘s in waec 2020.

Flee away from waec 2020 expo

Have you ever heard of waec expo?,  am sure you have.
Most students know what it entails.
Let me briefly explain it to you, just in case you don’t have any idea about waec expo.
Waec expo or runz means examination malpractice in the waec examination.
Because many students can’t sit down and read, they opt-in for waec expo.
Some people even go to waec special or miracle centers where they do the malpractice.
If you are planning to pay for waec runz, please don’t pay.
Flee away from it.
It is bad, illegal and dangerous to your waec result.
Just run away from it.
Let me also tell you what happens to those who engage in waec expo.

  • Their waec results are cancelled.
  • Their results are withheld.
  • Their wassce results are marked as outstanding (Malpractice).
  • They have to rewrite the examination again.
  • Money spent on waec registration is wasted.

The reason why I am telling this, is because I want you to know the negative effects of waec runz.
You don’t need any expo to pass waec at once.

Device a plan to excel in waec 2020/2021

Every action is preceded by preparation.
Even common sense tells is that.
Every building project begins with a preparation and has the builder has a plan to accomplish the goal.

Likewise, you must create a plan to pass waec in flying colours.
You need to plan how you are going to accomplish your goal which is to successfully pass WAEC.
You need to settle down to plan how you are going to pass this waec.
The planning stage is the stage of thinking through on how to achieve your goal.
Before labour you need sense.
It is sense before sweat,  otherwise the sweat will lack result.
So, you say to yourself, “I know where I am going, but I need to map out a plan of action “. I need to know how to get there.
This is where planning comes in.

Every successful person is a thinker,  as thinking is a principal tool for planning.
Every tower builder must first be a thinker. Every star is a thinker.
I’d like to describe planning as locating what counts in the accomplishment of your goal.
Every purpose is accomplished by wise planning, becomes strong through the use of common sense.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

You will not fail, but pass waec in Jesus name.

Use your time wisely

One thing that all successful people have in common is that they have mastered the ability to manage their time.
First and foremost, they have organized themselves.
You never regain lost time, so make the most of every moment.

You also need to time yourself when solving WAEC past questions and when reading.
Make a personal reading timetable and plan it according to your available time.
Be smart about your time and adhere strictly to your timetable.

Concentrate and desist from distractions

You should be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.
For everything in life, you pay a price.
Nothing of value comes without sacrifice.

You should avoid and resist any distractions, be it; social media, movies, music, sports, etcetera and concentrate on your studies.
You need to focus all your mind on your goal which is to successfully pass WAEC.
Concentrate on your textbooks and how to get the most out of them.

Test yourself with waec past questions

It is a good practice to always test yourself with questions.
If you fail a question, correct your mistakes and note them down so that you would not repeat that mistake again.
Waec past questions can help you pass waec.

You should get WAEC past questions, it is very important because WAEC usually repeat questions and this is a bonus only for those who have practiced the past questions.
You can also find someone to ask you questions on those topics that you have read and understood.

Make use of the waec syllabus

This is the most important part of this article.
You need to read your textbooks and only read according to WAEC syllabus.
The waec syllabus is essential if you want to pass waec.
For this purpose, many textbooks have been modified according to the syllabus and this helps you to easily read without reading and looking at the syllabus, although this syllabus is still important for you.

Don’t just read, you need to understand what you have read.
When you read and understand, it is easy for you to remember what you have read.

Prayer is the key

Prayer is the king and prayer is also the key to success.
Don’t forget to pray fervently for guidance and support from God.
Always call for God’s help in whatever you are doing.
You also need divine intervention to pass your waec exams with ease.
Without God’s help,  one can hardly expect any remarkable achievement.
The desires of your heart can be realised only by asking God for help.
However, to call on God does not mean you have no part to play to pass this exam.
To keep confessing, “God will do it” without any input is to settle for failure.
You need to keep talking to God in prayer to excel.
Use the key of prayer to unlock the door of your success in this examination.
Praying alone won’t work wonders, read, and work hard to get the 9 a ‘s you want.

Be up to date with any latest news about waec 2020/2021 exam

Get updated with any waec 2020 news.

If you are not updated, you will be outdated.

Subscribe to Elearnpro and get updated anytime anyday.
You can also check on any latest posts we have about waec 2020 examination.
You can always watch news about waec on your TV at home.
Some social media groups will also give you any news about waec 2020.
You should make sure that you informed about any news pertaining to WAEC.
Don’t just source for news, make sure that it is not a fake news.

Improve Your Handwriting

Do you know that your handwriting can determine if you will pass waec examination 2020 or not ?.
Waec examiners need your handwriting to be legible enough to mark it.

A waec examiner personally told me something.
He said that, 3 out of 5 students handwriting are bad (rough and not legible).
This makes most of the people marking waec scripts not to understand the answers of the candidate.
It is not a must that your handwriting must be the best.
Just try your best to make it legible.
If you know that your handwriting is really bad, please try to improve it and make it legible and properly space your words when answering your questions.
This applies to the theory and practical part of WAEC as the objective part is being marked by computers.
The examiners who mark your scripts are also humans like you and will never mark anything that they can’t easily read well.
Even if you are very intelligent and your handwriting is bad, it will definitely affect you.
So with this you should try to improve it.
Write in a legible format for easy marking.

Interact with intelligent people

Find people who are more academically sound than you.
Interact with them, read with them, ask them questions and also brainstorm with them.
Also share ideas with them on different topics.
In case if you haven’t seen anyone, you can find them on social media networks or even in your school.

Target A Particular Grade

This is very important because without a destination, you can’t start a journey.
You need to have in mind what grade that you want to see in your WAEC result.
It must be a good grade, is it A1, B2, B3, or even a credit ?, you must know this, and let this grade be your main target.

Don’t just target a grade in only one or two subjects, target the grades that you want to see in your result in all the subjects that you sat for during the examination.
Keep this target in mind and mark it somewhere (in your notebook or diary).
It doesn’t pay to dream small.
When someone is pursuing their dream, they will go far beyond what seems to be their limitations.
The grades in WAEC are :

  • A1=Excellence
  • B2=Very Good
  • B3=Good
  • C4=Credit
  • C5=Credit
  • C6=Credit
  • D7=Pass
  • E8=Pass
  • F9=Failure

Always pay attention to instructions

Instructions are very important in examinations.
You might have been instructed to answer only four questions out six questions, but because you did not read the instructions before starting.
You ended up doing all the six questions.
You may have even done questions that you know nothing about.
This may result to failure or loss of marks because when the examiners are marking and they get to your script.
They would be confused on what to mark, since you answered all the questions, and you should know that since it was not specified in the marking guide for the examiners to mark all questions.
They would only be left with the choice of marking four of the six  you answered.
You should always make sure that you read and understand the instructions before starting the examination.

Proofread before submitting

Don’t just submit your waec examination scripts without cross-checking.
You should make sure that you review your answers and carefully check out for any mistakes and correct them before submitting your script.
This can help you gain some additional marks.


Congratulations, you have finally read this article.
That’s everything you need to pass waec m
How was it?. Did you like it?
Which step are you planning to take first?
How do plan to manage your time?.
Feel free to leave a comment below to answer these questions.
If you also have anything to say or any questions to ask. Drop them below.
I will try to answer them as soon as possible.
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Thanks for reading. I wish you success in your waec examination.


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