How To Prepare For Jamb 2020 & Score High

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board is a firm that set up examination for candidate seeking admission into tertiary institute.

This article will guide you on how to prepare for jamb and pass jamb 2020 excellently.

Gradually, JAMB has become one of the most important name when it comes to education in Nigeria.
If you want to pass jamb, then you need to read this.
Preparing for JAMB needs a lot of time, commitment, discipline and hard work.

How To Prepare For Jamb 2020 & Score High
Engaging in Examination Malpractice goes a long way than you imagine.
Examination Malpractices are greatly regretted in the future, so it is better to work hard and prepare to have a good result without any negative string attached to it.

To start preparing for JAMB, some very essential practical steps are needed to be taken:

  • KNOW YOUR SUBJECT COMBINATION FOR YOUR DESIRED COURSE: You must take your time to find out the subjects needed for your desired course; this will help you know the areas where you need to target while preparing the exam.
  • PLAN A TARGET: After knowing your subjects combination for your desired course, you need to work on the departmental cut-off mark, this is where planning of target comes in, after you must have done that, you need to decide on the particular score you want, once you fix your target, you will have to push yourself hard enough towards your target.
  • MAKE A STUDY PLAN AND TIME TABLE: This part is like getting a map to go for an unknown journey. A study plan is an organized schedule that you need to create to help your study time and boost your learning skills. In this situation, you don’t need to copy anybody’s study plan, work with your body system, and let your study plan correspond with your learning ability. Create your study plan and timetable and start your reading, also get a syllabus to start working with.
  • TIME YOUR ABILITY: Speed and accuracy matters a lot while writing any examination. Spending much time on a question while writing an examination is not really good, you just have to consider the ones you know first, then you do rest later.
  • PRACTICE QUESTIONS ON YOUR OWN BEFORE THE EXAMINATION: This prepare the mind and the brain towards the upcoming examination (Just like training before going for a competition)it helps the mind and the brain calmly handle the exams when it eventually arrives.
  • DON’T READ TO PASS, READ TO LEARN: Reading to just pass examinations really kill student potentials. It is better to read to learn than to read to just pass exams. Reading to learn maximize students potential and to well during and after the examination. When your primary aim of reading is to learn something new, acquiring new knowledge , you will discover a new you
  • UNDERSTANDING THE QUESTION BEFORE PICKING AN ANSWER: Not spending too much time on a question doesn’t mean you should be quick to pick answers Read the question multiple time to be able to understand the content of the given question before finally deciding on what answer to chooses (This is really needed while doing English).
  • PRACTICE CBT (FOR THOSE WHO ARE UNABLE TO MAKE USE OF THE SYSTEM): As we all know, JAMB is a computer based examination, inability to make use of the system make most student fails a lot. Practicing CBT also goes along way, improving the student confident on how the exam will be.
  • AVOID PROCASTINATION: “The Exam is still far, I still have a lot of time” that is the popular saying of most students. Always prepare for an examination as if you are writing it the next day. Students that are victims to procrastination are likely to fail the exam, because the exam will still be always far to them

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