Uniben Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 [Departmental & Jamb]

UNIBEN  cut off mark 2020 is determined by the total number of candidates applying for admission in the 2020 academic session.
The university of Benin is very competitive that you can see 15000 aspirants battling for 8000 admission slots.
That is why to be admitted you need to beat the high uniben cut off marks for your course.
But lets know what are cut off marks 1st.
Cut off marks are the minimum score or aggregate you as an aspirant is expected to attain before being qualified for admission into UNIBEN.
Uniben cut off marks is a prerequisites factor that must be taken seriously by aspirants, because if you dont beat the cut off marks for your course you might not be admitted into your preferred department.
Cut off marks are gotten after candidates must have sat for the joint admission and matriculation board exam and must have also sat for UNIBEN post UTME which is mandatory.
if you miss any of the above aforementioned exam,you wont be admitted into the university of benin.
The reason why most candidates fail to get admitted is because of not beating this cut offs.
Beating your school cut off is just not enough, you have to also beat your course cut off.
1 Point behind your departmental cut off mark,  your course might be changed.



The general uniben cut off mark for aspirant seeking admission into the university of benin is 200.
This implies that any candidate that score 200 and above is qualified to take the post utme exam of uniben.
Some candidates always ask.
I scored 201 and i was not admitted, why?
It is  because you only met with the school cut off but not your course cut off.
That is why post utme is very important.
Ordinarily since you beat the jamb cut off, you are supposed to be admitted.
But the UNIVERSITY OF BENIN Is a very competitive school and there are people with 270 and 280 going for same course with you.
The higher you score the higher your chances, the school cant admit everybody and once their quota (admission slot) is filled, it is either such candidates course will be changed or the candidate wont be admitted.
But there are some courses you cant get with a certain jamb score, that is why we have successfully compiled uniben departmental cut off mark 2019 for all courses.
You can use the departmental cut off to calculate your aggregate which determines your chances  of gaining admission into uniben.
You might ask.

  • Electrical electronic engineering—>71
  • Mechanical engineering—>73
  • Petroleum engineering—>64
  • Chemical engineering—>67
  • Computer engineering—>67
  • Civil engineering—>67
  • Production engineering—>57
  • Structural engineering—>53
  • Eco stat—>62
  • Geography and regional planning—>50
  • Political science—>60
  • Sociology 56
  • Social works—>51
  • Public administration 56
  • Environmental science
  • Estate management 50
  • Geometric 50
  • Quantity survey 50
  • Architecture 50
  • Biochemistry—>53
  • Plant biotechnology 50
  • Mathematics—>50
  • Physics—>50
  • Animal and Env. Biology—>50
  • Geology—>55
  • Microbiology 53
  • Chemistry—>55
  • Science lab. Tech. —>51
  • Industrial chemistry—>50
  • Industrial physics 50
  • Computer science 56
  • Statistics 50
  • Geology 50
  • Optometry 59
  • Accountancy—>65
  • Banking and finance—>55
  • Insurance—>57
  • Business administration 60
  • Marketing 55
  • IRPM 57
  • Entrepreneur 58
  • Actuarial science 54
  • Anatomy—>53
  • Medical biochemistry—>57
  • Medicine and surgery—>77
  • Nursing—>69
  • Physiology—>54
  • medical lab sc–>67
  • physiotherapy –>65
  • Dentistry 68
  • Educational departments—>50
  • Library and Info. Science—>50
  • ESAM—>50
  • Economics education—>50
  • Business education—>50
  • Computer education—>50
  • English education—>50
  • Political science education—>50
  • Social science education—>50
  • Agric economics/extension>50
  • Animal sciences—>50
  • Fisheries—>50
  • Crop science—>50
  • Forestry and wild life—>50
  • Soil science—50
  • Law—>76
  • English and lit. Studies—>63
  • Theatre arts—>59
  • Fine and applied arts—>57
  • Linguistics—>50
  • Mass communication—>66
  • Religious studies—>50
  • Philosophy—> 55
  • Inter. Studies—>65


1.To calculate your aggregate you divide your jamb score by 8..e.g 280/8=35
2.Divide your post utme score by 2….e.g..70/2=35
3.Sum both of them together..e.g..35+35=70
4.The total is your aggregate…70.
So here are the list of courses offerred in uniben and their departmental cut off.
Please note that uniben has not OFFICIALLY released its departmental cut off for 2020.
UNIBEN does not release departmental cut off publicly but we have close people in the admission office who always share us the departmental cut off..
If you did not see your course in the comment box, tell us lets help you get the uniben departmental cut off mark.


The uniben post utme always comes up july/august, it is not conducted in a day,it runs for about 2 weeks.
After you must have registered for the post utme which will cost you 2000 minus cafe charges.
Your date and venue will be sent to you through your email account by kofa adminstrators.
You proceed to your exam venue with your invitation letter and other relevant documents.
You dont need to take your jamb or o level result to the exam center.
Most people always fail the post UTME exam because they did not practice with the post utme past questions, while other website are selling it expensively we are giving it out free.
Just search this blog,you will see it.
And also if you are reading this post, before post utme you can comment your jamb score lets tell you your chances of getting admission.
BUT here is a guide.
for those aspiring for social science course——-> Try to score above 240.
for those aspiring for physical science courses——>260 in jamb would be a great boost to post utme.
for those aspiring for management science courses——>try to score above 250.
for those aspiring for health science courses—–>270+ then blast the post utme.
for those aspiring for dentistry—–>280+ would be okay.
for those aspiring for pharmacy—–>280+ then 70 and above in post utme should be okay.
for those aspiring for engineering courses——>at least 270+ and a high score in post utme would get the job done for you.
for those aspiring for agricultural courses——->220+ and study harder for post utme
for those aspiring for environmental science course—->250+
for art courses—->240+ and a high score in post utme would get the job done.
Have we help you?
Comment your jamb score lets tell you, what your target in post utme  should be.
That is the uniben cut off mark for all courses offered in the university of Benin.
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