How To Use JAMB Computer To Write JAMB 2020/2021

Many jamb candidates will just rush to their examination center without knowing how to use jamb computer.
That’s why jamb mock examination was created. You can read more about jamb mock exam in my post Jamb mock exam 2020/2021
About 50-60% of jamb candidates don’t have an idea on how to write jamb with a compute for the JAMB CBT 2020 exam.
Some people will enter the examination hall and be staring at the computer.
I am going to teach you how to do jamb 2020 without any knowledge of computer in this post.
Just make sure you read, understand and remember it. You can share it with your friends after you have understood every bit of this post.
You should know that only one candidate is attached to a computer. So, there is no sharing of computer in the examination.

How To Use Jamb Computer For UTME 2020

When you enter the examination hall, go to your seat where the computer assigned to you is located.
Enter your jamb registration number into the white rectangular box and click on “login”.
After logging in, you will see your picture and your jamb subject combination on the screen. If you did not see your picture, call the exam invigilator and explain to him/her.
How to use jamb computer
You may either use a mouse or keyboard in jamb, it depends if it is available at the center. As I was saying, after logging in, click on “start exam”.
Use jamb computer
You will see your questions and the number of questions for you to answer. You know that your time starts immediately after clicking on “start exam“.

  How to use the mouse in jamb 2020

In case you were given mouse, you should make use of it effectively. To use the mouse, you need to move it on the computer table, the arrow cursor on the screen also moves.
Move the arrow cursor to the answer that you want to pick and press the left button of the mouse to pick an answer. You can still change the answer.
You can also use the mouse to move to the next question by clicking on “next”. Same way you can move to the previous question by clicking on “previous”.
If you want to end the examination after you have finished answering all the questions and you have reviewed them, click on “end exam”.
How to end jamb exam
You will see another box asking you to confirm it, so that you can submit your answers. You can never return to the questions again, after ending the examination.

How to use the keyboard in jamb cbt exam

It may also be a keyboard that you will use in the jamb computer based test.
Keys that you shouldn’t press are :

  1. Refresh button.
  2. Space button.
  3. Home button.
  4. Reboot button.
  5. Delete button, etcetera.

You just need to press the keys on the keyboard. Let me explain each key for you to press.
When using the keyboard in jamb, there eight (8) important keys to use. These are the ‘S’, ‘P’, ‘N’, ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘R’ keys.
Press “A” to pick the option “A” as your answer in a question.
On the keyboard press “B” to pick option “B” as your answer in the question
Press “C” to pick option “C” as your answer in the question.
On the keyboard, press “D” to pick option “D” as your answer in the question.
In order for you to move to the next or previous question, press “N” to move to the next question. Press “P” to move to the previous question.
To return to the exam, press “R” and to end or stop the examination, press “S”. Another box will ask you to confirm if you want to end the exam.

How to use jamb computer calculator

You are not allowed to come to the examination hall with any calculator or take the calculator into the exam hall. It is a big offence, don’t try it.
Jamb calculators have the following functions  :

  1. Addition of numbers.
  2. Multiplication of numbers.
  3. Division of numbers.
  4. Subtraction of numbers.
  5. Decimal points.
  6. Delete numbers.
  7. Numbers [0-9]
  8. Equal to button.

The calculator that you can use to solve some questions that requires calculations is on the screen. It is on the computer screen, you just need to click on it, open it and use it.
The utme 2020 cbt calculator does not have the following functions :

  • Sin, cos, tan, inverse tan, sin, or cos.
  • Exponential button.
  • Conversions button.
  • Square root, cube root, etc.
  • Powers (squares, etc).
  • Shift button.
  • Alphabets button.
  • Binary, etc, button.
  • Fractions button.
  • Insert button.


Note : The jamb calculator to be used is not a scientific calculator. It is just an ordinary calculator like the one used in the market.

Conclusion on how to write jamb 2020

There is a two minutes video that will be on the screen. Please take your time to watch it before you start.
Just click on “watch video”, the cbt 2020 tutorial is there. If you don’t still understand, click on “replay video”. Watch it again and take note of everything.
If you spend more time three minutes on a question, you will see a notification. Click on “okay” and continue your questions.
The computers are connected to a server by series of wires. Don’t touch or go near those connections.
In case you were given admission laptop, use the scroll pad as a mouse alternative.
Use the Caps lock button to change the alphabets to capital letters. If you want to use capital letters, use it all through. You can also use small letters, but use it throughout.
Don’t mix up capital letters with small letters. This is because, it won’t log you in for the examination.
Now that I have explained how to use jamb computer to do jamb 2020/2021 to you, share this with your friends.
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