Visa Lottery Application Form 2018/2019 (America, Australia, Canada) and How to Apply Online from Nigeria-recruitmentform

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Visa Lottery Application Form 2018/2019 (America, Australia, Canada) and How to Apply Online from Nigeria

This article will center purely on how to apply for Visa lottery for 2018/2019 as a Nigerian, we will also talk about types of visas issued by countries around the world. So if you have been how to apply for 2018/2019 (Australian,Canadian and American Visa Lotteries)

A lot of Nigerians and other African countries are increasingly eager and struggling to get a VISA in order for them to secure a better working condition and future for themselves and their families outside the shores of Africa. We all know about the economic hardship, poor Governance , poor health care delivery services, kidnapping and most recent terrorism that is sweeping across most African countries this and many are most reasons there has been increasingly high applicant in the yearly VISA program.

Who can apply for Visa Lottery 2018/2019?

Please note that some countries are not allowed to apply for certain VISA Lotteries but once your country is allowed just like Nigeria then even if you are Unmarried, Married, Divorced, Widowed, or Legally Separated you can still apply.

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Types of VISA Application Forms

The Following categories of visas are issued by most countries:

  • Study visa
  • Skilled worker visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Business Visa
  • Farm worker visa
  • Pilgrimage visa
  • Diplomat visa
  • Transit visa, Etc.

How to Apply for American Visa Lottery 2019/2019

The United States of America is an advanced country and a first class country with her citizens enjoying one of the highest standards of living in the world. In fact health Workers an other technicians earn better salaries .

Before you can successfully apply for American Visa Lotteries, you need to check and confirm if your country is allowed to participate that year @ DV lottery website. You can also contact the American embassy for further information.

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How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery 2018/2019

Please note that there is nothing like Canada visa lottery. A lot of sites are carrying fake information about possible visa lottery by the Canadian government but Mr Lajos Arendas, the Canadian Deputy High Commissioner in Lagos said the following :

“This is false information. In fact, the U.S. used to have, and perhaps still do, but Canada does not have a visa lottery programme.
As far as I know, it has never existed in Canada. At least, certainly not in my 24-year career. It looks like some people are spreading rumours, and these could be linked to a possible scam.
The one thing you could tell the public is that you contacted me and I firmly stated that there is no such thing as a Canadian Visa Lottery,’’ he said.

So you see there is nothing like Canada visa lottery yet.

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Australia visa lottery portal

Australia is a country filled with so much opportunities, of recent there has been high demand for skilled workers due to the ever increasing numbers of firms springing up on daily basis. Australia has made her door open to foreigners who want to come over and do a legitimate business in the country.

Of recent we have seen an upsurge in the number of Europeans and even Americans who are migrating to Australia for a better pay and working condition.

If you really want to work outside your country and earn hard currency then i will recommend Australia for you. To find more about the Australian VISA program visit her official website here

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