WAEC English Expo 2020/2021 Questions and Answers [Free]

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Scheme For The Waec 2020 English Question and Answer.

The waec English question 2020/2021 is divided into three parts, namely :

  1. Objective questions.
  2. Theory questions. Section A: Composition or letter writing. B : Comprehension. C : Summary.
  3. Test of orals (Objective).

The composition or letter writing consist of five (5) questions. You are to pick and answer one question out of the five.  The questions are usually letter writing, argumentative essay, story ,article writing, narrative essay, etcetera.
The comprehension part has two (2) passages with 8-12 questions each.  The summary is just one or two passage, you just need to summarize the points in your understanding.
The waec 2020 objective questions are divided into Six (6) sections. Synonyms, idioms, best completes, lexis, antonyms, etcetera.
Lastly is the test of orals, it carries 60 marks and contains 60 questions for 45 minutes. These questions are on : vowels, consonants, stress, rhymes and sound.
Read on to get more insight on the waec 2020  English language  waec expo.
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How To Answer the summary question

The examiners want you to summarize one of the aspects of a passage. Do exactly what the examiner wants.
Make sure that the reasons, explanations, results, differences, etcetera. Which you state are all justified by the passage. You are not required to invent anything.
Your job is to read and then summarize what you have read. Above all,  make sure that all your sentences are as short and clear as possible.

Waec expo 2020 instructions you should follow

  1. Write your name (in capital letters, your surname followed by your other names).
  2. Put down your index number (10 digits number).
  3. In the spaces marked Examination, Year, Subject and Paper, write ‘WASSCE SC‘,  ‘2020‘, ‘English Language‘ and your paper number.
  4. Use a HB pencil throughout your objective and use a good pen in your theory.
  5. In the box marked sex, shade the space marked M if you are male or F if you are female.
  6. Check the paper code on your exam script and write it in the box marked Paper Code.
  7. Read and understand  the instructions given to you  very well. Follow these instructions in every question you attempt.

Popular idioms and their meanings

Idiomatic expressions are group of words which have meaning that are quite different from the conventional meaning of the words.
These meanings are distinct from the literal meanings of the idioms’ individual words. Simply put, they are group of words with hidden meanings.

  • Rain cats and dogs :  Rain heavily.
  • At the eleventh hour : At the last minute.
  • Give someone a cold shoulder : To ignore a person.
  • Pass the buck to : Shift responsibility for an action to another person.
  • A black sheep : A worthless member of a group or family.
  • Bone of contention : A matter of sharp disagreement between individuals or groups.
  • Be in the blues : To be completely depressed.
  • Let the cat out of the bag : To divulge a secret.
  • Kill two bird with one stone : To accomplish two or more targets with one effort.
  • Bury the hatchet : To make up or settle quarrel.
  • Tickled pink : To be very pleased with something.
  • Hit the hay : Go to bed.
  • Buy a pig in a poke : To buy something without thorough examination.
  • Reach for the moon : To be ambitious and try to achieve something that is difficult.
  • Down to the wire : Undecided until the end.
  • Dray your feet or heels : To be deliberately slow in doing something and in making decision.
  • Go to the extra mile : To do more than what is expected of you.
  • Drop a dime : Make a phone call.
  • Hit the nail on the head : Go straight to the point.
  • Every inch : The whole of something.
  • Tie the knot : To get married.
  • Bent out of shape : To be very annoyed or upset about something that is not that important.
  • Cat bird seat : A highly advantaged position.
  • Prick up your ears :To listen carefully.
  • Fool’s errand : To do something that is useless unnecessary or has no chance of success.

2020 waec runz English Questions and answers.

These are some sample questions for English in waec and answers to them.
English Objective Questions and Answers
Choose the word that best completes the following sentences..

  1. The doctor ____ my illness as malaria. A. Discovered. B. Diagnosed. C. Prescribed. D. Announced.
  2. The ___ of a new king will take place next week. A. Re-election. B. Demolition. C. Coronation. D. Admission.
  3. Kofi is too ____; he wants to know about everybody’s business. A. Inquisitive. B.  Friendly. C. Concerned. D. Busy.
  4. Since hard drugs are destroying our youths, our government has placed an ___ on them. A. Injection. B. Infringement. C. Order. D. Embargo.
  5. Some political leaders love ___ who always praise their governments. A. Sycophants. B. Parasites. C. Allies. D. Favourites.

Answers to the English objective questions above

  1. B. Diagnosed.
  2. C. Coronation.
  3. A. Inquisitive.
  4. D. Embargo.
  5. A. Sycophants.

Common errors you should avoid in English

There are some words that are used interchangeably in grammatical constructions, they differ in their meanings. These words are used due to similarities in their spellings and sounds.

  1. Advice and Advise : Although these words are similar, they are not same. Advice is a noun, while advise is a verb (an action). Yet the two words can be distinguished by their distinct spellings. Advice ends with sound /s/, advise ends with sound /z/. For example, someone can advise you, but can only give you an advice.
  2. Lend and borrow : To lend means to give something to somebody and it will be returned to you later. To lend means to loan. For example; can you lend me your car this evening?,  I will lend her my pen, etcetera. Borrow means to take something that belongs to another person and you will return it back to the owner. For example; I borrowed her pen, etc. Simply put, to lend is to give out, while to borrow is to take in.
  3. All Right and Alright : One of the common mistakes that people make is interchanging “all right” with “alright”. All right is used as an adjective, adverb and exclamation, which refers to something in an acceptable way or good, etc. For example; your dressing is all right. The term “alright” should not be used in a formal writing.
  4. Already and All Ready : All ready refers to a group of things or people that are ready for an action or event. For example; we are all ready for the free waec expo 2020/2021. Already is an adverb which tells us that the action concerned has happened before now. For example; Mr Oloche has left already.

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How to write a good letter in waec 2020/2021

Many people know what a letter is and can read it effortlessly but how to write it is a problem.
However, writing a letter can be one of the most easiest things if you know the steps and what to do.
The three traditional  types of letter are formal, semi-formal and informal letters..

Formal Letters

It is also known as an official or business letter. Formal letters are characterized by their strictness in choice of language and adherence to rules.
It is divided into six basic parts, namely:

  1. Addressers address.
  2. The address of the recipient.
  3. Opening remark or salutation.
  4. Title or heading.
  5. Body.
  6. Closing remark.

Tips for you when writing it. 

  • The writer’s address and the date are written at the right hand side of the paper in the same way as in an informal letter.
  • The name and address of the person you are writing to should be on the left side.
  • If you don’t know the person you are writing to, begin with : Dear Sir or Dear Madam or Dear Sir or Madam. End it in yours faithfully, sign and put your name.
  • Write your name in capital letters under the signature .
  • A letter to an editor or the chairman is really a short article on a subject of interest. It must be planned like a composition.
  • In the examination, your letter must be as long as your examiner need.

Informal and semi-formal letters

They are written to your family and friends. People that you know or familiar with very well.
At the right hand side of the paper, write your address and the date.
You should end your letter with : Yours affectionately — Your affectionate niece/etc. —With love (from),  etc. Or you may use Yours Sincerely, follow me by your name.
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My dear../Dear…, below on the left, and begin your letter on the following line.
Semi-formal letters are those written to a pen-friend, letters to colleagues, etc. They are arranged in the same way as an informal letter.

Examples of waec formal letters

English Department,

Falcuty of Arts,

Nasarawa State University,


Nasarawa State.

1st May, 2020.

The Manager,

Punch News Paper ,

29, Alen Avenue,


Lagos state.

Dear Sir ,


The department of English of the aforementioned University writes to book for daily supply of five copies of your newspaper.
Attached to this letter is a cheque which will cover the first six months of your expenses.

Yours faithfully,

{your signature here}

Fashina Samson (HOD)

Sample of an informal letter in waec


12, Bintu Street,

Off Ipaja Road,



1st May, 2020.

Dear Joy,
I am overjoyed as I thought of your name, “Joy.” How are you, your mum and dad and your little brother, James?
Though we have not seen for such a long time, I still think of you everyday. I have not also forgotten your beautiful face with that elegant smile. In fact, your picture is indelible in my mind.
I want to assure you that I am still pursuing my leave application and hopefully, it will be released soon. You need to be strong for me, and don’t be over worried so that I will meet you healthy.
I commit you into the hands of the Lord until we see again.

Yours sincerely,

Fashina Samson

An example of a story composition in waec

Title : The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Going back memory lane, the above saying reminded me about my recent past. When I was in junior secondary school, I came across two other boys that became my friends.
My name is Turned and my friends names are Monday and Yakubu. We all wrote the junior waec and proceeded to the senior secondary school.
The incident I am recollecting occurred to one of us, Monday to be precise. At first we were all hoping to become one professional or the other and consequently, we started to work towards it.
Where we were thinking of becoming computerists, Monday was planning to become a computer technician. We asked him to be a computerist like us but he insisted he would become a computer technician.
As usual, we started making jest of Monday to the extent that others began to make jest of him too. They were calling him ‘computer mechanic’.
Myself and Yakubu thought we are the best. Monday, to our surprise had begun lessons on computer technician course everyday after school.
By the time we got to SS3, he had already started repairing faulty computers and had started making money.
No sooner we finished writing  our final examinations, he had opened an office courtesy of his wealthy father.
Today we thought he was foolish, we are the ones that are foolish for he helped us repair our computers.
We decided to learn the trade from him and because we were friends, he taught us. By the time we decided to open our own office, he had been well-known and we became underdogs because “The Early Bird Had Caught The Worm”.

Wrap up of 2020 waec expo for English

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